Hemp Seeds an Amazing Protein!

With cannabis being used medicinally, for recreational use, and within the textile industry around the world, our generation is beginning to realize what our predecessors realized before us; cannabis can be used for just about anything!

Hemp Seeds an Awesome Food!

One amazing attribute to Hemp seeds is that their packed with protein! With the same ratio of protein per gram as many meats. It is literally one of the best known protein packed seeds there is, perfect for athletes, health gurus, vegans, vegetarians, and dieters.

Hemp seed like many other plant based foods are easily digestible and can ease stomach inflammation caused by over consumption of meat and dairy products. If hemp seed became a staple food, and was supplemented with other high protein plant based foods we would be able to decrease our reliance on livestock. This would also decrease occurrences of a variety of cancers and other illnesses related to over consumption of animal byproducts .

Hemp Seeds
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Hemp seed is in fact one of the very few vegan foods that contains all the essential amino acids and fatty acids for human life. That’s right hemp seed is a complete protein which makes it extremely advantageous to other non meat proteins.

Positive Effects of Using Hemp Protein!

If you’re a athlete you may seriously want to look into hemp seeds. With 10g of protein for every 30 grams or ~ 2 tablespoons it will help achieve a high protein profile without persistent over consumption of meat products. This helps speed recovery, reduce fatigue, and could help decrease bloating, and gas, that can be caused from high consumption of meat, and dairy.

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Hormonal Benefits of Hemp Seeds.

Another benefit of hemp seeds is they do not contain phytoestrogens. This makes it a better protein for many vegans and vegetarians in comparison to soy, legumes, or flax seed due to it’s low estrogenic activity. This can cause a decrease in estrogen based cancers specifically breast cancer, and ovarian cancer. Due to the lignans in hemp it may also help alleviate hormonal problems, and with proper exercise and diet may help establish proper hormonal cycles.

Hemp seeds are truly a nutritional powerhouse, and if you haven’t already placed them into your diet you may want to consider doing so. Hemp seeds have the ability to transform your health and help replace harmful foods that are harvested through environmentally unfriendly means , and that negatively impact your health. Hemp seeds are also often GMO free, and more sustainable than many other crops.

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