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How to Buy Something on Silk Road 3.1 with PC and Android.

How to Buy Something on Silk Road 3.1 with PC and Android.

What is Silk Road?

Silk Road is an anonymous marketplace that resides on a .onion network. A .onion network is accessed through the tor browser. Most products on Silk Road are illegal in many countries. Be aware of your laws before making any purchases on Silk Road. Using Silk Road requires a basic knowledge of computers and cryptocurrencies.

How to Access Silk Road

Step 1: Get a VPN(PC) or Download Orbot(Android).

For PC the first thing you’re going to want to do is download a vpn as an extra protective measure. This isn’t a required step many people will make orders on public computers at libraries. People ordering from their own computers at home however often opt to use a VPN. There are many available, one of the more popular brands is Express VPN.

For Android

If using a Android a user will use an app known as Orbot which connect to the Tor Network. The Tor Network is an anonymous web surfing tool that uses a volunteer overlay network to scramble ip addresses. Designed as a tool for whistle blowers, and those under totalitarian regimes, it is often used for illegal activities.

Download Orbot Here.

Step 2: Download Tor Browser.

Next you have to download the Tor browser you can download that here. If you are using an Android phone you need to download the Tor browser for Android on the play store you can download that here. After downloading and making sure you’re VPN or orbot is on and working you can proceed to your .Onion marketplace.

Step 3: Access Silkroad 3.1

It has recently come to my attention that Silkroad 3.1 has become a haven for scammers. So instead of using silkroad I suggest using one of these Dark Market .onion sites. To access these sites all you need to do is copy and paste one of the following links into Tors browser.

Dream Market

Wall Street Market

Step 4: Procure Crypto

Dark Market websites accept a variety of cryptocurrencies. However some cryptocurrencies are better than others. Bitcoin has been shown to be able to be tracked if you do not have an original anonymous source for the first exchange

Because of this many people use Monero. To get Monero you first need to buy Bitcoin, and then exchange it into Monero on a crypto-currency exchange.I suggest Binance which you get to by clicking here. Use my link to help support this site.

Once you have preferred monero you’re going to want to transfer it off the exchange site into the monero wallet itself you can download the monero wallet by clicking here.

(Optional step) sign up for coinbase through this link right here, and receive $10 in free Bitcoin with a deposit of $100. You are then going to want to transfer your bitcoins from coinbase to binance.

Step 5: Make Purchase.

After you have gotten your cryptocurrency of choice and have logged into a dark market you just have to follow the checkout instructions. This normally entails having to send your crypto into an escrow account of one of the dark markets. Once shipping is over the customer alerts moderator and then the payment is released from escrow, and that’s about that.

Happy Travels!

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