How to Prepare For Colonoscopy.

Getting a colonoscopy is a low risk and typical procedure, especially in those with underlying conditions, and those above 40. Typically a colonoscopy will take less then an hour and you will be under anesthesia during that duration. You will need to have a ride present before you leave, because you will be incapable, and not legally allowed to drive after the procedure for 24 hours. During the colonoscopy the doctor will insert a small camera through your rectum into your colon, with multi-functional tools. The doctor will use the camera to search for abnormalities, such as polyps, lessions, and parasites, They will use tools to remove polyps and send them to the lab to check for cancer. The removal of polyps can in many cases prevent, or postpone cancer.

While the procedure itself is routine, the preparation can be a little annoying.

Before the procedure you should pick up your pre-prep package. You should pick this package up from the pharmacy at least 4 days before your procedure, so you can be comfortable with directions. Three days before the procedure you will need to cut out fiber from your diet, including nuts, seeds, legumes, fresh fruit, and any other high fiber foods.

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