I Wonder If Were Going To Make It.

When I think about the people in my life for the most part i’m happy. I have a believe that most of them care about others and that they will try to do the right thing when they can. But when I think about the people of the world, I don’t know what to think, everyday people do horrible things. I don’t know if it’s because they don’t know better, because they never learned. Or if it’s just because they have become sadistic in the mind. Some days I think that our people will make it, other times however I see the hate that envelopes our world and as always plagued our society and I wonder. I still believe that one day our people will find freedom and peace, but it’s really starting to click how many may be finding it in death. All it takes is one of ill mind to wipe most of us out. It’s hard to know if the conspiracies of the elite are real, but many are very convincing. It says that they want to wipe out most of the population. Some say that it’s due to the limits of growth of our society which is now peaking. It’s hard to believe in only a few decades they say we will not have enough resources to provide for everyone, yet today we have enough resources and not the motivation. What’s going to happen when we begin to run out of resources and arable land. How are people going to react. I can’t help but to think of the stories of Nazi Germany where starving Jews fought and even killed each other over pieces of bread. Is that how we are going to react when we reach crisis. This is how things seem to be now in Africa, elites controlling the influx of supplies, hoarding it for themselves. All while the majority of people suffer eventually fighting and killing each other for just the minimal amount of resources. These actions have bent many minds, and I can only imagine how this would affect someone born into generations of this, just as I can only imagine what it’s like to be born into a family that makes it’s wealth through the degradation, and starvation of others. I like to imagine the mindset that these people must have so I can try to understand what makes them continue in their ways. Are these men and women capable of rehabilitation, or has their greed and completely consumed them? How do you measure the potential of change in someone. There are two types of people that instantly come to mind when I think about the ones capable of destroying us. The one that has been praised for destruction of others, and the one that has been destroyed so much they can only live off of the destruction of others. While there are many other archetypes that have the capacity to destroy us those two our the ones that come to my mind the most at this time. What’s scary is that either one can believe that they are doing the right thing, that by destroying us they are truly helping us. And in a way I can see where they are coming from, but I in no way have the same believe, I believe we still have the potential and capacity to change with our current population. But we may in fact be too late to stop the destruction from commencing. I still do have hope for us. If we can’t stop it I hope that many begin to prepare for what may or may not be coming. Once the smoke clears we will need strong caring leaders to guide us, and to lead us to a better future. The event may come as a super volcano, biological warfare, a pandemic, a solar flare, pole reversal, mass warfare, or one of many other cataclysmic events. Humanity may be lost for a long period of time, but we must not forget to hold on to the humanity with in ourselves. If these events happen this will be easier said then done, you will face many challenges, where you may have to take other people’s life’s to protect your’s and your families. While I hope that this world doesn’t end if it does I have realized that were are just a speck within the universe smaller then a grain of sand in a ocean, and shorter then a blink in a lifetime. That doesn’t make that speck or blink any less special, I just know that somewhere else there is something amazing going on besides here. I still do hope we do the best we can, with what we got. We have a choice to walk on a path that will bring us together that the whole world can truly be proud of, the only thing is we got to start walking. I still don’t know if were going to make it, I wonder though everyday.

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