Medical Applications of Nicotine

Tobacco currently is one of the most abused drugs currently on the market today. It is responsible for countless deaths in the world. However there are notable benefits to the use of tobacco when used medicinally and on occasion. This was known by Native Americans who believed that Tobacco was a gift from the gods. Often times they used Tobacco to seal a deal or in trades themselves, but also used them in ceremonies as well. In ceremonious settings it was often prescribed by shamans, and helped fuel nights of dancing and may have been used after feasts. However during this time there were no added chemicals to the tobacco in contrast to the heavily tampered tobacco of today, and heavy use was looked down upon.

Some of the medical benefits of Tobacco include: Increased memory, cognitive functioning, and increase in heart rate.

Currently there is research being done on nicotine with diabetes and obesity that are showing sign of promise. However you should be weary about jumping on that bandwagon because of nicotine’s ability to accelerate detrimental affects of other underlying conditions that you may have.

The people that will see the most benefit from nicotine use will be certain diabetics, and those with obesity. It should still only be used on very rare occasions if at all. Overuse of tobacco can lead to dependency, many forms of cancer, malnutrition, anorexia, low energy levels, and heart disease.

While there is currently research that proves that the use of tobacco may be beneficial to some the use of it is highly dangerous. This is mostly due to the compulsive and addictive nature of our society as a whole. With our poor systems of checks and balances for addiction, health, and nutrition many who use tobacco over use it to the point of it being seriously detrimental to their health.

When using nicotine it should also be used in the safest way possible with either 100% natural tobacco, a vaporizer or electronic cigarette, or low concentrations of pure nicotine. Anyone who uses it should also be sure to get enough calories in the day because of it’s appetite suppressing effects.

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