Homes Made Out Of Plastic Bottles!

This is a simply amazing story of human ingenuity.

Around the world in third world countries citizens are taking trash such as plastic bottles and turning them into usable homes! Apparently these homes are bullet proof, fire proof, and 100% safe. This can go a long way in building sustainable homes for people around the world that do not have access to other resources, or live in an environment surrounded by waste products. Many areas of the world have large collections of trash on the streets and other areas, and using these simple methods may inspire people to build their own homes for a fraction of the cost.

Sadly homelessness is a real condition around the globe, for many there is just not enough shelter in surrounding areas to house all those in distress, such as Africa, and parts of Asia. This however can help many of those in need. Not only does it help decrease our environmental footprint, but helps provide shelter for those in need. And in a world like ours polluted with trash and homelessness this idea can go a long way to helping people.

plastic bottle house 1

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