Should Cannabis Be Legal?

Legalizing Cannabis.

Cannabis is one of the most widely used narcotics of the world. It’s use can be traced back to ancient times, it was most often used as medicine and to achieve trance like states for meditation. Cannabis legalization has been recently spreading throughout the modern world. Many areas that have legalized cannabis have experienced great advances in their infrastructure, noting decreases in crime rates, a decrease for need in law enforcement, lower prison populations, decreased expenditures in the judiciary systems, and an increase of economic stability.

International Debate.

The legalization of cannabis has become a¬†international debate ever sense the beginning of it’s prohibition. Used as a public enemy by the Nixon administration to sway votes for his second term, and to increase funding for the development of various government organizations; it’s prohibition has wrecked havoc on the communities of the world. Because of it’s illegality many underground criminal groups have been established, wasting billions of tax payer dollars on the so called drug war, and destroying and ending the life’s of many innocent individuals.

This prohibition only increases violence and decreases awareness of the true effects of the drug further increasing its dangerous use. Due to its lack of availability it is extremely over priced which causes most users to consume it in it’s most dangerous form “smoking”, although it can be easily used in less dangerous forms such as oils, hash, various edibles, and smoked through vaporizers.

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