Should You Invest in Ethereum (ETH): 2019. Ether a Crypto Analysis and Review.

Now Ethereum may be facing some more hurdles in 2019 even after it’s disastrous year in 2018. While a very serious altcoin the cryptosphere has lovingly embraced Ethereum, and for good reason.

Ethereum was one of the very first cryptos to offer smart contracts, the ability to actually have predetermine contracts on the block chain, and they also created the ability to create your very own crypto known as EC20 tokens on their blockchain. On top of all this they were also designed on the ability to create decentralized blockchain apps. A amazing feat!

However many other cryptos have now emerged that are similar, and Ethereum has made little changes. The ability to use their apps for the less than tech savvy is nearly impossible, and their native browser is horrendous.

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