America the Falling Empire

The American institution has become corrupted and is doomed to fall. Americans at this point are just bidding their time and hoping that the outcome is positive. At this moment we’re at a clash between moving towards democratic socialism, and remaining partially conservative. All things in time are destined to come to an end, and although political ideologies have moved much farther left since the times of the Red Scare┬ámany Americans are still afraid of terms such as socialism, or communism. Even though our current system uses many socialist policies in the United States which has helped keep the middle class funded, and increased financial stability for the elderly, and disabled.

However many conservatives want to rid the country of many of these programs, such as social security, medicare, medicaid, food stamps, etc, etc. They believe or at least endorse the notion that corporations will provide to best their capabilities financial, medical, and educational stability to its workers. However many people have learned the hard way that this is simply not true, CEO’s and executives make vast fortunes while shipping jobs to where they can make the most money, while providing the least amount of support to the average worker.

What will become of the “Average American “is now up too the “Average American.” We’re currently at the point where martial law can be implemented for a variety of reasons without congressional consent which has turned our president into a possible tyrant. Hopefully before any such time we as a people can come together to change our polices, and move our political ideologies to a place that prospers advancement of our society and people. The dangers of moving too far in the wrong direction will risk the complete destruction of our society.

Hopefully we can come together in a peaceful, progressive manner to decide what is best for our society as a whole, rather then continuing this fiasco that we have allowed to prosper for far too long. We should be making decisions that are not only beneficial to us but to our future generations to come. We have become obsessed with money and have forgotten that it is just a representation of resources and services. We should be creating a society that not only will provide equality, but will also help happiness prosper.

Currently the largest investment for the United States is the military, and war. While this has built up our defenses to enemy attacks and increased our capabilities to attack violent transgressors it has made America fall behind in many other areas. Many other countries used their wealth to invest in public education and renewable energy. Now there are countries with lower work weeks, increased happiness, prosperity, economic stability, and more advanced energy systems.

That doesn’t mean that America can’t turn it around, but before they can they must accept that there is a problem and then work to absolve it. This will involve removing money from politics and increasing citizen interaction within government. It has come to the point where most Americans do not trust their own government which is a bad place for any citizen to be at. If the middle class is continued to be suppressed not only will the American empire fall, but there will be a violent movement before it’s inevitable change.

Is the US Buying Oil from ISIS in Syria?

Over the past few months we’ve seen a substantial cut in gas prices. This has left a lot of people wondering if the US is getting oil from ISIS oil fields. In reality we don’t know if we are or not. Upfront however we are fighting them internationally threatening sanctions on anyone who buys or sells ISIS oil. Is it doing any good though?

It’s hard to know, ISIS may be selling oil under the table and it may come over here to America. What is known is that ISIS has gained control of several oil fields. They are also highly organized and claim to make several million a day. The fact of the matter is many oil producers may be donating money to these groups. However it’s nearly impossible to tell if oil is coming from ISIS yet it’s very possible and highly likely that somewhere down the line we are receiving oil from them. It should be known though that most oil comes from foreign countries that are in turmoil. This is due to poor legislation, and the lack of any watchdog groups on the export of foreign oil.

It doesn’t matter when or where we buy oil at this point in time, it’s normally funding deceptive means of economic manipulation. It is though nearly impossible to end dependence on oil right now. Every person who try’s to help create renewable energy helps fight back against terrorism and inequality. Once the whole world is run on renewable energy, war will be less impacted by those seeking financial gain. Even those people will need to be on a vigilant look out for corrupt people, who wish to use renewable energy to harm others for personal gain.

Top 10 US Backed Atrocities and Authoritarian Regimes

The average educated American already knows not to trust it’s government. Ever sense its conception the United States has supported a variety of Dictators and Authoritarian Regimes that have enslaved its own people, and murdered countless innocents. The United States may house some of the bravest and intelligent people, yet we also house some of the most ignorant, violent, and egotistical. The majority of the People in the United States would be outraged if they knew the truth about what was currently going on around them. However like many other countries the average American is controlled by propaganda, and debt. The various functions of the nations infrastructure has been taking advantage of by the greedy, and powerful, and if the world doesn’t eventually come to realize it’s faults the next century is going to be a very gloomy one. The United States itself is slowly becoming a police state, luckily it hasn’t been completely destabilized. If America ever falls to it’s transgressors, a civil war will be eminent. This film sheds light on just a few of the atrocities and authoritarian regimes that the U.S. has supported, and to anyone that hasn’t had a proper history lesson before, you may be shocked to see exactly what the United States has funded overseas. This short documentary sheds a light on how America supported killings of innocent civilians and helped evil regimes stay in power in Indonesia, Cuba, Africa, El Salvador, Guatemala, and many others.