Top 10 US Backed Atrocities and Authoritarian Regimes

The average educated American already knows not to trust it’s government. Ever sense its conception the United States has supported a variety of Dictators and Authoritarian Regimes that have enslaved its own people, and murdered countless innocents. The United States may house some of the bravest and intelligent people, yet we also house some of the most ignorant, violent, and egotistical. The majority of the People in the United States would be outraged if they knew the truth about what was currently going on around them. However like many other countries the average American is controlled by propaganda, and debt. The various functions of the nations infrastructure has been taking advantage of by the greedy, and powerful, and if the world doesn’t eventually come to realize it’s faults the next century is going to be a very gloomy one. The United States itself is slowly becoming a police state, luckily it hasn’t been completely destabilized. If America ever falls to it’s transgressors, a civil war will be eminent. This film sheds light on just a few of the atrocities and authoritarian regimes that the U.S. has supported, and to anyone that hasn’t had a proper history lesson before, you may be shocked to see exactly what the United States has funded overseas. This short documentary sheds a light on how America supported killings of innocent civilians and helped evil regimes stay in power in Indonesia, Cuba, Africa, El Salvador, Guatemala, and many others.