Godaddy Server Keeps Going Down!!!

Wrote a Post Called,

Godaddy You’re Pissing Me OFF!!!

while I was waiting for my site to come back on you can check it out here if you got the time:

In all honesty though I do really wonder if Godaddy is actually going to get their act together it does get really annoying when there servers go down. I feel like we should really be on cloud computing by now though. It should be way easier for technology to reach consumers. I feel like there is a block in-between industry and technological advancements. I think this has a lot to do with how commerce and poor government blocks it. When ever something good happens it seems as if too many people get greedy and try to stuff there pockets, and in doing so I feel like they destroy what could be. If it wasn’t for copyright laws manufacturing of all goods would be extremely fast, and all books would be free, the intelligence of our world would sky rocket. It’s sad that no one seems to be fighting for that in congress, no one even mentions it. It’s as though just the thought of a world backing away from our conservative views of how our world’s market should work, is taboo. It really is a shame.

Cause things really don’t need to be the way they are.  Like with Godaddy why do I even have to pay you? Shouldn’t I have my own server space to begin with, shouldn’t everyone? Instead of letting companies like Godaddy control who gets what and for what price, why don’t we do that ourselves? We are the producers and the manufacturers, and instead of looking at that logically we put a whole bunch of name and faces on it like Godaddy, Google, JP Morgan, City Trust, Facebook, Harvard, etc, etc, etc. We need to start looking at things for what they really are and being fair to each other. Think about all the companies in your life, i’m sure you know a lot of them. I can almost guarantee you know a lot of dirty things about them, yet still use a good portion of their products cause you don’t have a choice. What’s sad is us humans are the ones making these companies and running these companies and we mostly all see what they’re doing wrong but they just tell us to be quiet and deal. What’s horrible is many of us do.

Think if we just gave people the supplies to build all the servers in the world they needed right now, and provided them with shelter and food so they can do it, with the best minds behind it. Do you think servers would still go down? Now think if you did that in every other industry as well. Instead of paying people conveniently, would it be best to give them everything possible to do the best job they can knowing that their job is going to produce something that we need as well. This could work for farming, and renewable resources and everything. It would get rid of over paid workers and replace them with real modest workers. I’m just tired of all the wrong people controlling the world, when instead we should all be controlling it together then maybe my server wouldn’t be going down and I wouldn’t be so pissed at Godaddy.