How Lucid Dreaming Will Change The World.

Lucid dreaming is a very hard ability to acquire, yet it’s applications are endless. While today many are perfectly content with their waking life, there are many searching for more through out there dreams. Dreams themselves have been a mysterious phenomenon to us in science, literature, artand history. There are many claims that dreams may unlock doors to other dimensions, that we can project our astral bodies into the spiritual world. And while all these claims are fascinating and intriguing, lets take a look at the realistic applications of lucid dreaming.

Many have super realistic dreams, that seem to defy time. Most dreams are so realistic in fact that our minds can’t even differ them from reality while were dreaming. Yet lucid dreaming is the action of realizing you are dreaming and taking control of the dream environment. This takes much practice, but in the future most all humans will acquire this ability. By taking control of our dreams not only will we be able to experience things never before experienced, we will be able to understand ourselves and our world through means never before seen.

Imagine being able to create whole worlds clear as day inside your mind, being able to walk and feel things that you have already previously felt. Imagine being able to study through dreams taking apart buildings, cars, technology, building atoms from the ground up through consciousness. We will be able to imagine the days that lie before us, and relive the days already lived. We will be able to peer back into history, take peeks into our future, and while it may just be a construct of our mind it will increase our capacity to learn tremendously.