Why is protecting our environment important?

Our environment is incredibly important, if our environment is not treated with respect our biosphere will collapse due to external changes in our environment. If we severely impact our environment we can kill everything on Earth, increase the temperature, cause coastal flooding, destroy everything in the ocean, cause super volcanic activity, block out the sun, and create atmospheres, and oceans incapable of supporting life.

If we over pollute our oceans it will kill all the wild life. Slowly coral reefs will be destroyed, less fish will be born, and eventually incapable of life. With the lack of marine life there will be no more fishing, but more importantly the destruction in phytoplankton will also decrease the world’s oxygen supply, and increase carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

This will increase the temperature of the world, which will raise ocean elevation around the world flooding whole countries. Many Coastal areas now will be underwater once this happens. This may have a significant effect on weather patterns which may cause mass hurricanes, tsunamis, tornadoes, and possible earthquakes. An increase in Earthquakes may increase the likelihood of a super volcano to erupt.