You were born to Fuck Up!

Ever sense the first day you came out the womb, you were born to fuck up.

It’s a fact of life, human nature, you are a fuck up, i’m a fuck up, everyone is a fuck up. It’s just human. The big thing is to try not to fuck up too bad. I mean no matter how hard you try not to fuck, your going to fuck up, but that doesn’t mean you should be deliberately putting yourself into positions where your bound to fuck up. Cause seriously things can get really fucked when you fuck up, and that no fucking good for anyone. So don’t just start running around not giving a flying fuck, watch what the fuck your doing. See that way you don’t fuck up yours and possibly someone else’s day. Cause it seriously gets on my fucking nerves when someone fucks up my day.

Well now that you know that regardless your going to fuck up, there’s something important you need to fucking know. When you fuck up, fucking learn from your mistakes, that way you aren’t fucking up all day. Cause what’s really going to fuck you up in the long wrong is not learning from your fuck ups. Now see the awesome thing about learning about your fuck ups, is when you fuck up you may be capable of doing something impressive and actually bettering yourself and be more capable of helping others, and then guess what! You stop fucking up so much and you can even help other people fuck up less!

Now nobody likes fucking up but remember to always be responsible with your fuck up’s, cause by not doing so you are furthermore fucking up.