Should You Invest in Nvidia in 2019

Nvidia Investing Basics.

Nvidia has had some problems so far in 2019. Falling significantly. Right now may be a good time to buy, however I believe there is further downward potential and am still bearish on the outcome until around the 3rd quarter. Nvidia is still suffering huge losses from the fall of cryptocurrencies, which I believe have also not reached their bottom.

However I do believe some cryptos may surge in price, along with that action and the interest Tesla has taken in Nvidia, AI development, and gaming computers common place I believe Nvidia will eventually be going back up, and is a great long term hold for anyone’s portfolio.

While I do think they will continue some backlash through 2019, I believe 2020 will be there year to shine, and anytime before then would be a good time to take a position, and to hold for gains.

Tesla’s Backing