Economics a War on Peace.

When it comes to economics all most people see is dollar signs, but most people don’t really think about what money is. Money is a representation of resources, and services, in this world it’s the common person’s livelihood. Yet there is a reason money isn’t see through, even fresh out the factory.  Corporate overlords manipulate the money supply, fund the government and in return ask for nothing, but your obedient servitude.  It doesn’t sound that bad right, well apparently you haven’t taken a look at this world.  They decide which countries flourish and which ones decay back into the ground in which they were built.  We have the resources for everyone to be fed, to be housed, to be clothed, and to live a prosperous life, but we as a society must take this.

How much money is the Peace Corps Given Each Year?

Lets take a look at the Fiscal year 2014 budget: $379 million.

That’s a fucking shame, it’s ridiculous how little money is given to the peace corps. The Peace Corps is one of the most beneficial programs in the world today, and is truly a brilliant idea. However they don’t receive enough funding to do pretty much anything at all. However our governments don’t mind spending billions to create weapons and to commit warfare. Wouldn’t it make more sense to help provide peaceful solutions and show that as a world were trying to take the best step forward? It makes us look ignorant when we spend such a enormous amount of energy on war rather then peace. Due to the lack of funds there unable to send as many people as are needed, and many areas receive no help at all.

With more funding the Peace Corps can increase the strength of their infrastructure. Help nourish and motivate individuals and governments around the world. Not only would we be helping third world countries, but we’d be providing new jobs for our own citizens. Giving them ability to travel and see the world, and help countless individuals. It would let the world know that were trying to help, facilitating peace domestically and on foreign soil.