The Dangers of 5g Networks.

5G is the proposed 5th generation cellular network, and it is technology that is largely still in development but is currently being deployed in several cities. Promoters of 5G technology promise faster data rates along with reduced energy and financial cost. However, 5g may be dangerous to humans and wildlife, yet the media is trying to spin it as a conspiracy.

While 5g is currently making way in several larger cities around the world, telecom companies are mostly only rolling out low band and medium band 5g, which uses most of the same frequencies as 4g. Telecom companies have managed to convince most the public that almost all non-ionizing radiation is safe. The difference between ionizing radiation, and non-ionizing radiation is that non-ionizing does not have enough energy to remove electrons from atoms and molecules. An example of Ionizing radiation would be x-rays, and radiation from nuclear weapons, examples of non-ionizing radiation would be radio waves, microwaves. However, it’s very clear that just because radiation isn’t ionizing doesn’t mean it’s not dangerous, such as with microwaves.

To make 5g faster than 4g they are going to have to use radio waves up to the 300ghz range, in comparison 4g goes up to 6ghz. This means the radio waves emitted by 5g transponders will be shorter, allowing them to send more information faster. However, these waves do not travel as far, and penetrate deeper into the skin, and one’s cells. With the U.S. Army using the same ghz range that 5g uses for crowd dispersal weaponry.

5g will have a huge impact on all biological life on Earth, such as with birds who can see electromagnetic radiation, and use the earth’s natural magnetic energy for migration. Many have even claimed that birds have died in mass during 5g tests. Many say this is just conspiracy with the government and corporations denying such tests. While the stories of birds dying due to 5g tests may very well be conspiracy, the government and corporations have never been known for telling the truth.

While mainstream media is trying to portray 5g as being perfectly safe for humans there is already much evidence proving otherwise. With a study showing that even contemporary cellphones lower bone mass in humans, with some studies suggesting current cellphone use causing brain cancer. There have also been instances of increased cancer risks for those around cell phone towers as well. When studied its been shown that 2g, and 3g radiation cause various forms of cancer, DNA damage, and lower weights in rats. However, it’s interesting to note that some of the rats lived longer on average than those in the control group.

No one without a doubt can claim that they know how 5g will affect humans, and animals. But it is very evident that it may have certain negative effects, and that they should be studied. However 5g’s benefits may outweigh 5g’s risk, but what it really comes down too is that risks shouldn’t be swept under the rug.

Many different countries are trying to fight the rollout of 5g. For instance, many states, and cities have tried to ban 5g in the United States, yet because of federal laws protecting telecom companies they have been unable to stop them, and occurrences like this are taking place around the world.

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