The Government is Watching You!

Unless you live under a rock more then likely the government in some way or form has their eye on you. Whether or not they care or not is the real question. One of their best methods of watching us is through the use of satellites to watch us on the streets, and even through our homes. They also use satellites to retrieve signals and intel from other telecommunication system. Certain apps that you have downloaded on your phone, computer, and television may or may not watch you.

Many governments also have special top secret contracts with telecommunication companies to dispen caller info to the government. NSA and many other entities have phone calls saved all over the world. Many other computer networks are often hacked and saved, by breaking in through the ISP’s firewalls. This data collection has been widely known for many years.

The government also has closed circuit cameras that watch most traveled areas. Often times these are rarely seen or used unless caught in crime. However these videos are probably often used to watch many people. Due to the power of private industry many other organizations probably share this information through a variety of hacks, and intelligence gathering from around the world.

What it comes down to is their watching you from the sky, listening to you on your phone, and watching you on the streets. The intent from the government and private entities can only be hypothesized. While the vast majority will never have access to any of this information, it is often amusing, impressive, and scary to think of all knowledge that these select few individuals have and all the possibilities that this information is being used for and could be used for. When the government is questioned they often say it’s for the purpose of national security, which many times may be true, but we may never really know who, and how this information is being used.

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