The Tyranny of Our Draconian Empire.

Life is not supposed to be how it is. We have allowed ourselves to be ensnared by our cultures and nationalities, we have forgotten to care for a fellow man. Slowly empires have taken a hold of us ignoring the dissent of the 99%. We have become estranged from the possibility of peace and prosperity. Over zealous pride and greed has created a birthing ground that is producing police states around the world. If we allow ourselves things will get worse.

People that are not victimized have accepted the “status quo” in doing so they have taken more of our liberties with your undying consent. They have taken advantage of youth breeding ignorance and stupidity to control your conscious thought. They wish to manifest a system in which we are the perpetual slaves of a debt system that can never be replaced. They will further push these restraints upon us unless we fight with our hearts and minds.

Around the world they have already created legislation to starve and malnourish whole populations. They’ve made food such a high valued commodity in many nations that you either choice between a life of enslavement, with a barrel of a gun constantly pointed at the back of your head, or starvation. They’ve made healing curable diseases impossible, only in a sick world would someone have to watch half their children die before 7 due to curable diseases that can be cured for a few pennies.

Tyranny has been infectious since the beginning of culture. Too many humans allow themselves to be consumed by greed and violence. This sickness is broadcasted, endorsed, and injected into our generations. Chaos pursues as we fall to our demented demises, none the wiser that this sickness was preordained by to restrain you from your potential.

To the ruling elite we have become nothing more but a game. They watch on, planning, laughing at our attempts to free ourselves from their bounds. Their rule over us must come to an end before this sickness wipes us out, people need to begin looking inward instead of out. Only in ourselves can we find the cure to what ails us. The key to our freedom is in your hands.

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