The UK's Young Reoffenders

Even though UK has some of the strictest gun laws in the world, it still see’s its fair share of violence and crime. The majority of crimes that go to court come from impoverished uneducated areas. This is due to harsher living environments and the inability to hire capable attorneys for plea bargains, and lesser time. Often times when children first go to prison they become enveloped by their surroundings. Due to the nature of the detention centers they are not often properly rehabilitated and may even become more bothersome and violent in the detention center. This is because of how we treat prisoners. Prisoners are not given enough resources, or responsibility to make full recoveries. Sometimes they may even become addicted to the lifestyle, due to easy access to food and shelter, and fear of breaking bonds made in prison.

During the time in prisons many people may become more prone to violence, and erratic behavior. This is due to the grouping of prisoners together. Often times when in prison, prisoners have to remain tough, violent, and on guard to protect themselves. However this attitude outside of prison often times can lead to violence. This of course is all up to the prisoner, most prisoners still have the ability to use the library, go to church and do various other activities. This of course will be noticed by others and can be seen as a weakness to some, and may make them more liable to being assaulted. This attitude is extremely detrimental to the mental health of prisoners.

It’s very clear that more funding should be available to rehabilitating prisoners. It would also make sense to provide labor programs with in prison systems, such as refurbishing electronics, building furniture, etc. This would not only provide states with cheap labor, but would provide inmates with a small income, work ethic, and specialized skills all important parts of rehabilitation. Prisons should also work on establishing initiatives to run prisons on renewable energy resources and provide an environment where inmates will primarily grow there own food. This will decrease the burden on the state to provide for them, decrease health risks, and help provide a education of sustainability to a larger audience.



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