This my life, Day 8702. Happy Turkey Day!

Don’t know how I actually feel about to day, feel a little blah. I really want to take a nap and just not get up and do anything today. Feeling blah, but it’s only 10:30 so hopefully that will pass. I’m actually not that big of a holiday person cause they normally don’t turn out that well for me. But I have a good feeling that today will be more relaxing then most other Thanksgivings. Wish I could eat more foods though being gluten intolerant is a bitch and makes finding anything to eat a struggle, there were donuts today that I couldn’t eat and it was hella depressing and sad. I just wanted some donuts so bad they looked so damn delicious. But O well life goes on and it is what it is… I still going to get a chance to eat a butt load of turkey as long as it doesn’t have a ridiculous amount of stuffing or some other gluten shit on it. I’m hoping today is like awesome as hell, it’d be amazing if I saw some traffic today I can hope. I’m trying to think about the best way to get people on here iv’e come up with a couple ideas mostly i’m just trying to break through into google in a couple places and see what happens. I have a lot of great ideas for this site but first i’m going to need some support and some cash flow to get things going. Once the ball starts rolling though I really think I can make some awesome things happen.

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