What are we doing?

The world has me so confused and worried. I just wish that everyone could love each other, and realize we all come from the same energy that people have come to call god. That this hate that we have for each other is going to destroy the world. If we don’t start caring for others more, there are going to be more hateful people born capable of destruction.

Instead we push onward oppressing and destroying others. Eventually they will rise or bring us down to their level. People don’t realize how delicate our social system is. How easy are unchecked population can lead to our starvation. How allowing most of the world to go uneducated, is dangerous to our survival.

What’s going to happen when these people that hate us get real weapons, and i’m not talking about guns, i’m talking about biological weapons. Without even knowing what their doing they could accidentally wipe out a large percentage of the population. Yet due to their hatred of us they would.

Why? Because we have allowed materialism to drive our politics, this is the way it has been since the beginning of time. However when looking at the past the oppressed always rose up eventually, or the powerful collapsed. Now that our population has increased exponentially sing the early 1900’s and our science has become increasingly more dangerous, what is that violence, or collapse going to look like?

And because were so focused on what the media tells us to care about and materialism, we allow ourselves to go uneducated. The uneducated are willing to work but don’t realize their working in circles. Why else would we not be preparing for the next upcoming disasters? We know in the next couple centuries we are going to have a world wide solar flare. or have Yellow Stone erupt and maybe even both. We know there’s asteroids out there that can destroy our whole civilization, yet even with all these threats we still stall to move forward and instead persist to threaten our own life’s.

That’s why I ask “What are we doing?”, I want to see freedom in my future. I want us to be able to say we did the best we could for everyone. I want the world to come together. I don’t want to have to see starving people on the news. I don’t want to hear about how one group of people hates another. I don’t want to hear about how were destroying the environment. I don’t want to hear about poverty and inequality. I don’t want to hear about people dying from curable diseases and conditions. I don’t want to hear about any of it, cause I want us to do something about it.

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