What is Love?

Love is one of those things that is hard to fully understand, a lot of this is because you learn more about love all the time. No two loves are the same. In your life you will love people in different ways, you’ll show love in different ways, and you feel love in different ways.

Love can be all consuming all powerful, it can also be confusing, scary, and tormenting. When you love you care deeply, you try to understand, you try to put your best foot forward.

Love is so many different things it’s caring, it’s compassion, it’s empathy. You feel it in your heart, and your soul. A huge part of life is feeling love, it makes life worth living. Loving the things you do, your friends, your family, your children, your significant other.

It’s important to leave your heart open, love the things you do, and as many people as you can.

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