Why aid in Africa isn't working.

It seems no matter how much aid and assistance that we throw at Africa and many other countries nothing ever seems to get better. It’s a sad reality, yet the type of aid that they are receiving is partially responsible for this. The money that is given to them is often times not strictly monitored. The food given to them is often taken by warlords and sold for profit, these warlords and their gang of criminals is closely tied to their government.This is because their infrastructure is broken, there is not enough, farms, hospitals, or jobs. It has become increasingly difficult for them to participate in the world wide economy, because instead of us going there and building businesses for them to participate in we instead give them resources without the means to create their own resources.

Now if we increased aid to build schools, farms, public roads, with close regulation, and gave the people of these communities jobs with good wages then it will lift many of them out of poverty. By using subsidies we could give the citizens that actually need it free food while still providing them liveable wages. If we increased the jobs in the area and gave them a better chance of competing in the global economy, many of the people that would be participating in these programs would eventually go on to develop new technology, start their own businesses, and help by providing for their country of origin.

Corporations have also seized the opportunity to go over and take advantage of many of these people. Mining facilities where people are paid slave wages and forced into labor camps are a norm in many areas. Due to lax regulation laws many of these minerals make their way around the world where they are bought at a low price, and then the price is raised by tremendous margins to score profits. These high end profits rarely make it down the line to the mining zones where they could be used to pay livable wages, or increase safety procedures. Often times the profits go to the CEO’s and executives of many corporations around the world, and of course the warlords.

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