Why I Think Health Care Should be Free.

Healthcare has been around for a long period of time. It was established to help those in need in case of medical emergencies so they don’t run into financial hardships. Back before the time of health care when someone was injured on the job they were often left with nothing. This negatively impacted many families, causing young children and mothers to leave their homes in search of work to help those that had been injured. This left the younger generation with less time for schooling and education. However due to poor safety regulations this is how it had to be at the time. Without this we may would never had such a boom during the industrial age. Of course unless we actually decided to not suppress as much technology as we have over the centuries due to the profiteering of the upper class, but that is of another story.

However as unions began to take form in the 1800’s and 1900’s they helped to reform health care. This was also pressed along by technological advancements that not only made the practice of medicine less expensive but also more productive. The technological advancements that made it out also increased the safety procedures in many industries. As unions held strikes again the industries that had poor safety standard less people became injured. With the decrease in injuries more people were able to stay on their jobs, productivity rose due to the increase of experienced workers in their fields. This increased profit margins, and business boomed even more than before.

However injuries did not stop. With the increase in profits for such a small percentage of wealthy business owners, unions began to realize that those that suffered through injury during their jobs weren’t being properly taken care of. Eventually this reached a moment where things had to be changed. Eventually businesses had to provide health care if they had a certain number of employees, and others were able to purchase their own separately, in some places it became illegal to not have insurance. As society grew and the government increased in wealth, some of those that were unable to afford insurance were given insurance. Many conditions though were not treated, or covered under their insurance.

Yet insurance is still progressively changing. Currently we hire people around the world to cover people for insurance. Yet if we provided this free of charge those jobs would not even exist. This would free up our labor force for more productive means, such as more doctors, farmers, etc. More people would have the opportunity to go to school. Families that face unforeseen medical emergencies would not become so financially unstable. Of course we would need to reform our economic policies to ensure that doctors and those in the pharmaceutical and medical fields are properly financed and are given fair wages for their efforts.

This means a complete change in our economic structures, and intellectual copyrights. We need stop focusing corporately and focus on what would benefit society as a whole. The whole purpose of the economic system was to provide those that are capable of advancing society with the proper means to do so. This is however being suppressed, many very curable ailments are left untreated although it could be easily achieved, our generation is even willing to do the work. Many complain about being unable to find labor, yet we’re not creating additional jobs to do so. This is due to the stagnation that has been caused by the overdevelopment of the upper class.

By providing free health care we will actually be increasing jobs, the average lifespan, and equality. I personally don’t believe anyone that wants to help society should not receive what they need to help them stay healthy, when the resources can be made plentiful. I don’t think anyone should be made to suffer while the cure sits in the hands of those who don’t need it. We can easily train, deploy, and provide for everyone that needs medical attention to provide everyone with medical attention. This would be most easily achieved by bringing together public education and industry, and change our focus from valuing life based on their economic value to the value that all life holds.

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