Why You Should Report Gang Activity.

What do you see when you look out at your community? Do you see happy faces, people working together for common interests? Or do you see a community surrounded in violence? People are shot everyday, both criminals, and innocent people. Prostitution, drugs, violence everyday, all for money. People think with a gun they have power and respect, what they really have is fear.

Nobody should have to fear for their life walking on the street. No woman should have to sell their body for food. Nobody should have to watch their family die by someone’s hand. Yet moments like these and worse happen everyday, every minute, every second around the world. It’s not the individuals faults it’s societies, but only the individual can change, and only society can allow them to do so.

People around the world are sick, not just in body but in mind. It’s our job to help cure them, to do so we have to come together as a community and as a society. We can’t allow violent people to walk on the streets, unnoticed. We need to help them understand what they’re doing. This isn’t an easy task, there’s reasons why people become like this.

Children grow up where their hated and misunderstood. Where their not given any chances to succeed in life. They come out of broken families, not understanding they are broken themselves. When your mind is broken you often can have disturbing thoughts and actions. When the only way you know how to survive is through violence, it can be seen in your actions, and thoughts. Many of these people just need a chance, and a change in environment.

Sadly there may be some that are to far gone, lost in a life they never asked for. I think everyone has a light inside of them, just some are to lost too find it.


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