Airbnb Vs. Hotels

Airbnb Vs. Hotels

AirBnB Vs. Hotels

AirBnb is not just an app, but a revolution in real estate hosting.
AirBnb is turning heads and changing the game when it comes to vacation and travel. Even changing how renting is done.

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AirBnb is already widely successful proving to be a force to be reckoned with. In the battle of AirBnb vs Hotels, airbnb's platform is going to win out due to it's simplicity and ease of use. There is already airbnb reviews around the world shouting it's success, and new people are trying airbnb everyday not just to rent, but as a airbnb host. It simply is probably the best travel app out there at the moment. Being used not just by travel vloggers and as a travel hack, but for the everyday consumer.

The hotel industry lobbyists however are fighting back against airbnb trying to stop the vacation app giant that has been created. However airbnb is not going anywhere. Even with the government and hotels fighting airbnb it still thrives. Airbnb is creating competition in what was an otherwise stagnant market run by corporations.

Becoming a airbnb host allows normal people to get involved with real estate investing, and for travelers to get better deals. Airbnb has been creating competition in the travel market. This is allowing people to travel for less than what they used to have to pay to travel.

Even some hotels are starting to list on Airbnb in a attempt to get business, same thing with timeshare companies. Airbnb is distrupting these massive conglomerates. If hotels and timeshare businesses don't start addressing their issues with over priced bookings, and bad business practices many of them are going to go out of business.

It looks like here soon airbnbs may end the corruption that is in timeshare real estate which had cost people billions. Many people have become victims to the criminal developers behind timeshares.

Timeshares were a great idea, but developers became too greedy now airbnb has stepped up and has begun their battle against the overpriced vacation, and rental corporations.

Now people have begun to be able to travel at fair market prices, and everyday people have been able to make extra money with the help of airbnb. Airbnb is clearly hear to stay in the vacation world.

This among many reasons is why people are opting to travel with airbnb rather than hotels. Airbnb's often have kitchens, and other amenities that often cost a significant amount to use when renting out a hotel room. They are also often much larger for a fraction of the cost. If you room share you get the opportunity to stay in a hostel like home, allowing you to meet fellow travelers, and form new friendships and bonds.

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