Microsoft Speech Recognition Software Honest Review. Windows 2019

Why I Decided to Try Speech Recgonition Software.

I decided to try and use speech recognition software because I wanted to increase my productivity. So I decided to make a review video of one of my first times using Microsoft speech-to-text software. Now you would think that with Microsoft being the largest computer company in the world that they would have good speech recognition software. However what came out as I was talking was pretty hilarious to say the least. Now while I give zero stars to windows speech recognition android phones, and google speech do a fairly good job at speech to text. While I suggest you watch video for comedic effect you can see what was produced below.

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What Microsoft Speech Recognition Software Heard.

This is what came up after using the speech recognition software provided by Microsoft Windows. It’s actually pretty amusing.

If some elderly review the windows speech recognition software now as its eighth it doesn’t really work to wealth it Aussie has no idea what I’m saying though some time and a treasure the Uganda say what I’m saying I’m using the same microphone for the software as land to talk to you so honestly as the tradition software for windows is pretty much useless as not to say that a speech furnaces offers use as good as a staff Leon because I use the various all my eggs with all the time in message time it works but for some reason windows does not under sail SNA and this is the default windows speech recognition software so a problem that’s are looking for another software for speech recognition for the pure because it’s the technicians off or is actually incredibly helpful and I get hyped fairly fast faster than any on average person but and nothing at super super amazing and below its high fast or be able to do a content faster as a content creator house a lot else for their work flow of the house to get more views it helps you just dictate what you do better it as a tool of product if it as a base res that people use the Services Software is for productivity there’s no play using a software such as this big I’d go back a correct everything he set a cause that all I’m doing is creating Woolworth myself a knot hoping myself at all I’m just creating a war work and bass egg sack option reason that I wanna use featuring its software basis for those things by Dukakis funny like what comes out of some of the sea would assess if some alertly reviewed the window speech recognition software now as its eighth it doesn’t really work to wealth it Aussie has no idea what I’m saying the sometime in the trash of the Uganda say what I’m saying I’m using this a black hole for the software has lead to talk to you so honestly as a deduction and software for windows is pretty much useless as not to say the speech vs. offered used us that they use as good as a staff Leon because if it is the Data Centers must not says there endows processing because here I guess IIIS assistant use old Annapolis to assess a ghost this a black hole for the software is lit to talk to use a loss as a deduction if if a peerless above a necklace to us as a ghost, indecent the AMA if duffer that uses software because it’s cheaper to not helpful maybe worse that on your is bubbly and the minuses not that bad and that I’m using one that had said mike the nineties and a laptop microphone so tough abilities of the box tops Microsoft short of bug as the city and it’s not the DL Ida stars can I find the stuff that pops up on this PCs yet if from ranking this with zero stars chickens to zero bowl.

Benefits of Speech Recognition Software for Content Creation.

There are many benefits to using speech to text. Sometimes you just don’t feel like typing. Other times you may not be able to type. there are many circumstances in life where typing could be more difficult than just speaking.

How it can help the average person.

Many people are not that good at typing. Unless you use computer quite often you may not be able to type as fast as you can talk. This equates to you being able to do less work typing then you would be able to do just talking.

Good times to use speech to text.

One of the best times of use speech to text is in a car. It is incredibly dangerous to use a phone or other device to type while driving. When driving you still have to be careful when using speech to text to make sure that you are paying enough attention to the road to avoid an accident. It’s best to use your car’s Bluetooth so you can remain hands-free, and safe.

Another excellent time to use speech to text it’s if you have sustained an injury to your hands. Another great time to use text to speech is just if your hands hurt. By taking a break from texting with your hands you may be able to prevent years of arthritis and carpal tunnel.

How Speech to Text Has Changed.

Speech to text used to be laggy and a complicated to use. However in recent years speech recognition software has become incredibly more sophisticated. Most phones already come pre-programmed with speech recognition software. This software used to cost hundreds of dollars in the early 2000s.

This has mad it easy for people to be attractive on a variety number of devices. Used to be incredibly difficult to be able to produce content rich media on cellular devices. Now with the advancement of speech recognition software and web based services for mobile, anyone can be a content producer.

Is using speech recognition software right for you?

Wow speech recognition software can make life a lot easier and can increase workflow, there are times where it can be useless. When writing complicated articles on subjects such as medicine, history, politics, and a variety of other topics even today’s speech recognition software may have a hard time understanding you.

Also depending on where you are working it may be better to type out what you need to say. Whether it be because you do not want to be rude or if you don’t want someone to steal your ideas; speech recognition software may not always be the best option. In the end speech recognition software should be used on a case-by-case basis.

Solar Panel Facts

  • Solar panel energy is renewable.
  • Solar panels are easy to implement in just about any location.
  • If you invest in enough solar panels, you can have free electricity, and even make money from the electricity that you produce.

What are Solar Panels?

Solar Panels are devices used to convert solar energy into electric energy. These devices are useful because they’re easy to develop and they can be easily implemented anywhere. The energy from these devices are also renewable.

Many countries around the world are trying to convert over to renewable energy such as solar panels. The use of renewable energy in a country, allow them to not only have electricity, but also have electricity that is independent.

When an individual has solar panels or other renewable energy properly stored and installed it allows them greater security at home in case of emergencies. Also in many areas if you are attached to the grid the electric company is required to buy back any surplus electricity that you create.

Currently many companies are working on increasing

Godaddy Server Keeps Going Down!!!

Wrote a Post Called,

Godaddy You’re Pissing Me OFF!!!

while I was waiting for my site to come back on you can check it out here if you got the time:

In all honesty though I do really wonder if Godaddy is actually going to get their act together it does get really annoying when there servers go down. I feel like we should really be on cloud computing by now though. It should be way easier for technology to reach consumers. I feel like there is a block in-between industry and technological advancements. I think this has a lot to do with how commerce and poor government blocks it. When ever something good happens it seems as if too many people get greedy and try to stuff there pockets, and in doing so I feel like they destroy what could be. If it wasn’t for copyright laws manufacturing of all goods would be extremely fast, and all books would be free, the intelligence of our world would sky rocket. It’s sad that no one seems to be fighting for that in congress, no one even mentions it. It’s as though just the thought of a world backing away from our conservative views of how our world’s market should work, is taboo. It really is a shame.

Cause things really don’t need to be the way they are.  Like with Godaddy why do I even have to pay you? Shouldn’t I have my own server space to begin with, shouldn’t everyone? Instead of letting companies like Godaddy control who gets what and for what price, why don’t we do that ourselves? We are the producers and the manufacturers, and instead of looking at that logically we put a whole bunch of name and faces on it like Godaddy, Google, JP Morgan, City Trust, Facebook, Harvard, etc, etc, etc. We need to start looking at things for what they really are and being fair to each other. Think about all the companies in your life, i’m sure you know a lot of them. I can almost guarantee you know a lot of dirty things about them, yet still use a good portion of their products cause you don’t have a choice. What’s sad is us humans are the ones making these companies and running these companies and we mostly all see what they’re doing wrong but they just tell us to be quiet and deal. What’s horrible is many of us do.

Think if we just gave people the supplies to build all the servers in the world they needed right now, and provided them with shelter and food so they can do it, with the best minds behind it. Do you think servers would still go down? Now think if you did that in every other industry as well. Instead of paying people conveniently, would it be best to give them everything possible to do the best job they can knowing that their job is going to produce something that we need as well. This could work for farming, and renewable resources and everything. It would get rid of over paid workers and replace them with real modest workers. I’m just tired of all the wrong people controlling the world, when instead we should all be controlling it together then maybe my server wouldn’t be going down and I wouldn’t be so pissed at Godaddy.

What's the best comment system for WordPress?

When starting a wordpress blog you have many questions to ask yourself, one of which is which comment system to use.

They all have their advantages and disadvantages, but what are they?

Well lets take a look at some of the most widely used free commenting systems used by wordpress.

  • WordPress Default
  • Jetpack Commenting
  • Disqus
  • Facebook Commenting

 Wordpress Default

WordPress default has many advantages over the rest.

  • Your database holds all the records of the comments.
  • If you have a Buddypress install it creates more interactions between users.
  • You can have many people comment on it, regardless if they have other social networking accounts.
  • There’s a lot of room to develop onto the commenting system.


  • A lot  of spam, you are pretty much required to use akismet if you have a large blog.
  • You don’t get as many trackbacks from high PR social networks.
  • The look of the commenting section out of the box looks unfriendly, asking users for a email, name, and website.

Jetpack Comments

Jetpack has many awesome features, and is very similar to Disqus.


  • Easy to install.
  • Users can post from just about any of the major social networks, including Facebook, WordPress, Google +, and twitter.
  • Users can post from the default WordPress comment system.
  • The UI is very slick.
  • Jetpack has a incredible amount of other useful features.


  • It asks for permission for WordPress to connect to the social networks you use, possibly scaring off users.
  • The ability to post comment onto social networks is limited.


Disqus is a great commenting system with many features, and is Jetpack’s major competition.


  • Easy to install
  • Users can post from just about any of the major social networks, including Facebook, WordPress, Google +, and Twitter.
  • UI has many features to connect with other frequent commentators.
  • Have their own network of users.


  • Requires registration.
  • UI looks slightly bulky, and daunting to a novice.

Jetpack and disqus are so similar it is really a matter of which network you’d rather connect too, and which UI you prefer.

Facebook Commenting

Facebook commenting is a great alternative to the previously mentioned options, however it’s power is limited.


  • Direct connection to the largest social network.
  • Can increase comments through easy connectivity.
  • Facebook plugin has many other features.


  • Can only get comments from Facebook.
  • Some fear website will post on their wall.


While truly it’s a matter of opinion, if you are planning to run a social network WordPress default with member only commenting is the way to go (only if you have a mass amount of users.)

Otherwise I suggest Facebook because of it’s interface and brand recognition.