How many people die a year from world hunger?

Approximately 7,560,000 die per year from world hunger. or 21,000 per day, 875 per hour, 14 per minute, or one person. about every 4 seconds. About 1 in every 950 people die due to lack of dietary needs. However we grow enough food to feed 10 billion people yet people still starve to death. There’s many reasons this happens from economics, to poor food safety. The status quo though could easily be changed.


How to end world hunger.

All around the world people are dying due to the lack of food, water, and access too medical supplies. Yet we’ve already figured out ways to solve it, and even given it a price tag of 30 billion to end world hunger for a year. Lets just take away the price tag and pretend money doesn’t exist and think about the solution. Hmm… Thinking…

O wait it’s really as simple as bringing those in need resources to stop them from starving to death. Not really all that complicated right?  Yet that would not be sustainable while we should do that for a awhile it would not be efficient. Not only do we need to bring them food, but we also need to bring them the tools so they can begin maintaining their society without hungry citizens.

In the United States ending hunger would actually be incredibly easy considering we waste ~40% of all our food and have a relatively low percent of starving individuals compared to other states. So for us it would be as simple as keeping food fresher, longer, and not throwing away food that’s still good. This is happens a considerable amount especially at restaurants who may throw away enough edible food every night to feed several families.

How hard would it be to give away food from restaurants right before it expires to the homeless and impoverished? Cause I for one don’t think it would be that hard and find it shameful, and neglectful for us not to do so. No one should be left without food, especially children, yet every 4 seconds someone dies from hunger or hunger related incidents, the majority of which are children.

Now just thinking about it financially is sickening. 30 billion dollars is the estimate to end world hunger for a year, just the billionaires have 6.2 trillion dollars in other words if they all gave ~ .5 percent of their wealth they could end world hunger on their own. The United States government, among many others isn’t much better spending ~4 trillion dollars a year, while United States shouldn’t front the whole bill we easily could. It just goes to prove that we have broken financial, and legislative system that is hindering progress for society as a whole.

If we dismantled the banking cartel that currently runs the world through fractional banking, and controls our life’s through interest rates, not only would we have more human resources, but our then unused infrastructure could be used for agricultural, technological, and educational needs. The unused skyscrapers could be used for vertical farming or housing the current homeless populations, among many other practical ideas. We should begin to move into this direction regardless, considering by 2050 ~ 100% of agricultural land will be in use, and 80% of population will be in urban centers due if our populations continue at the rate at which it is.

This is specifically important to understand when considering ending world hunger. This is due to the fact by ending world hunger without using proper methods to control population growth, can actually harm our society. This due to fact that many scientists believe that the Earth is incapable of providing enough resources for more then 9-10 billion people. The limits of growth a computer program that designed in 1971 and has been updated several times since, estimates that by 2050 our population will exceed the Earths capabilities and will cause an event which will end in a mass decrease in population.

This event could be exacerbated by ending world hunger, because we would ~ a additional 8 million people surviving a year due to being provided proper nutritional needs. Each of which is capable of producing offspring, so without proper contraceptive care and population standards through out the world, we may possibly push ourselves closer to a world wide disaster. However with the advent of safe male birth control such as RISUG that should be offered for free to any male, all we truly need is population control that can be agreed on democratically as a society.

None of these things however such stop us from doing what is right, and saving these people from suffering. Not only would it benefit them but it would enhance foreign relations, and provide interesting jobs, and build new skills for the entire world. While I personally don’t agree with the financial system in place it would provide it with stability by increasing job production world wide. This would also decrease the wealth gap that is currently place. Providing the money can easily be done through a flat rate tax that wouldn’t exceed even 1%, or a tax based upon income through out developed nations. Once a system is in place and implemented it could be used as the base agricultural infrastructure for the world.

Effects Of World Hunger on The World.

World hunger has a large impact on our culture and our psychology. Humans naturally adapt to their surroundings, it is part of our conscious development, and sadly world hunger is something are mentality has adapted too. While many haven’t given up on the fight, most allow the problem to avoid their thoughts and sit in the background.

Even though many ignore the problem it is never truly forgotten. For some it may help them live life to the fullest, or may even help their depression or anxiety; most have heard the phrase “Well it could be worse, you could be a starving child in Africa.” For many however during empathetic moments it may increase their depression, it reminds many that the world can be a cruel and dark place. It may invoke fear in many and even violence, especially in those that it impacts the most. Can you imagine starving to death in the poorest country in the world and coming to a country with vast number of obese individuals that throw away food on a regular basis.

With everything can you really be surprised that many developing nations in the world resent those that belong to more industrialized nations. I for one feel guilty, belonging to industrialized state I feel like not only have I not done enough to help those in need, but that many in my country have failed to do so as well. Of course I understand that this is a large problem, that is hard to solve on a individual level. Yet not only do I believe we are capable of adapting to this problem and solving, I believe we are capable of doing it easily and in a short period of time.

However as long as this problem persists, resentment will grow towards the states capable of helping, and so will the psychological problems that affect the world’s population. Right now everyday there’s numerous individuals losing their loved ones due to poor nutrition, starvation, all while waiting for their life’s to end from the very same problems. Those that survive may not ever forgive the world, because we’re refusing to act, and help end these problems, hopefully though many more of them will fight to end the needless suffering of so many out there.

So far we have only discussed some of the psychological affects world hunger has upon the world. Yet there are many more issues that stem from world hunger. Not only does it effect our emotions but it affects our value of life. Many countries with large portions of their population starving are used for slave labor, not just economic slave labor but physical slave labor. This may or may not be a purposeful intention for economic gains of a few individuals, but it hurts the world in many ways.

Many states where populations are exploited to the point of mass starvation have a large amount of physical resources, such as rare minerals. Much of our technology is reliant on these minerals, and are more often then not created by minerals that are mined by enslaved people. Due to the nature of how these resources are collected it is difficult to determine where they came from once they reach the point of manufacturing. In other words the minerals in your cell phone, laptop, automobile, or other technologies have good possibility of being mined by enslaved people that may be starving.

Some corporations purposely use this as a means to decrease the cost of manufacturing. This practice is incredibly inhumane, often times the miners are underfed, and incapable of leaving the mines. Often these miners can be in the mines for over 24 hours with very little light, fresh air, water, and food; the mines are also poorly maintained. These circumstances result in deaths quite often, and also are responsible for many social, and economic problems world wide.

Ironically while these minerals are mined by slaves it is actually less economical to have them mined in this fashion. Even though the miners are paid a negligent amount if any, due to the poor structure and lack of equipment, the mining is not only dangerous and inhumane, it is also inefficient. With the proper tools, equipment, and organizational structure, not only could we increase the safety in this area, but increase productivity, and break up the vicious gangs that run those areas.

While many gangs run these mines, the gangs themselves often have links to those in power in several businesses and government. This unity between government, corporations, and gangs, is quite distressing because it increases poverty, slavery, and world hunger. Due to the lack of resources in these states the government has very few laws in place to ensure the quality of life for it’s citizens, or the proper retribution for it’s resources. This condition exacerbates issues with world hunger, and becomes cyclic due to fact that because they lack resources they have more hungry citizens then other states, and due to the lack of resources they have poorer governments.