Everyone Should Grow Up To Want To Be A Hero.

Everyone Should Grow Up To Want To Be A Hero.

Most kids when they’re young want jobs that are exciting and beneficial to society. Over the years though children grow up, not always under the best influences. They become completely revolved around making money, and jobs that look “Cool”. So many children now days want to be actors, professional athletes, or musicians.

I think this is because we make these jobs look so lucrative and fun. We have made the jobs most beneficial to society seem dull. and expensive to get into. We break the spirits of kids at young ages we give them less and less hope as the days go by. We make them revolve around money.

While art is one of the gateways to the soul, and the exhilaration of sports, and teamwork can build happiness, many don’t appreciate it for such attributes. People forget to look at the whole picture, and to truly appreciate what their doing. Doing those things are great, but only when your doing them for the right reasons.

We make money seem like everything, that’s what our society has become. Our focus on economics has become dehabilitating to our society. Some of the best paying jobs belong to the banking community who rarely produce anything of substance to society. These brilliant minds are just trying to find a job where they can make as much as possible, instead of finding the job where they can help the most people.

I think what we really need to instill in children is the value of life, and not just their life but the life of others. We should be inspiring them to help others, and not just for others, but for themselves as well. We should make it so that when they help others they feel good about themselves, instead of training them to do things for material rewards.

I think we should be ending this obsession with money. Instead we should be focusing on building and bringing together communities, and trying to get children to be the best that they can be, and the best thing anyone can be is a hero. We should end the focus of being rich, but instead focus on making children, happy, healthy, creative, and caring for others.

There are many great teachers out there today that try their hardest everyday. Yet I think it has become much more difficult today cause many teachers have given up hope. I think this is due to the stresses of our society but these teachers are taking away hope from their students and it becomes quite cyclical.

I think this is most transparent in poor rural areas. When schools are underfunded they are often overpopulated and understaffed. This undervaluation of public education causes stress to both the students and teachers. In this chaos I think we forget to value the time we have with these individuals. The underpaid teachers often forget to value themselves, and when one loses value for themselves, it becomes easy for them to forget the value of others.

We are all born as an empty shell, it is the people around us, and are experiences that fill us. It is what creates our soul, the love, the hate, and all the other emotions that fill us. Filling this void inside of us is one of the purposes of life. Teachers are the ones are supposed to be the ones to guide us to understand what we are filling our life with and how to interpret it. They are the givers of perception they help us see the beauty in the world.

It is not the eyes that see, it is our soul that sees the world. It is not vision that guides us, it’s our mind and soul everything that we’ve allowed into our void. Every time we teach someone something we are showing them how to feel about themselves and others, we are showing them a piece of ourselves. We should be showing others the best of ourselves. Showing them the courage to do what’s right, and to fight for freedom and peace.

We can all be heroes, all you have to do is try.


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