How Our Public Educational Systems Are Failing Us.

How Our Public Educational Systems Are Failing Us.

Most everyone in the United States has been to school sometime or another in their life. Many have fond memories, while others have complete disastrous ones. Through out the years though there are some constants that mostly have remained true.

1. The food stinks.

2. Kids are hard to motivate.

3. There are many rules that are hindering intellectual growth.

4. There are many kids and teachers who don’t want to be there.

5. It’s rarely fun.

6. There’s too many students or not enough teachers.

7. There’s always trouble makers.

8. It’s hard to get kids involved.

9. There’s always someone who will slip through the cracks.

10. The way were teaching students is hurting there development.

11. There is not nearly enough funding for schools

School is not supposed to anything like this. And this is just a small list of problems thought up. School is supposed to be safe, fun, and informative. Children should not feel as though they’re being imprisoned.  This causes them to act out, and resent the time they’re spending there. Classrooms and schools should have rules, but should also be more lax. We should have a set of tests to determine where a student is academically, but that shouldn’t be our primary focus. Instead of trying to make kids want to learn and forcing them to sit in classes they hate, we should be motivating them to want to learn, and allowing them to come to class.

When we force children into classrooms we make them hostile, and we make them feel marginalized. With constant learning through book work, we aren’t giving them real world skills or showing them the actual activities involved in the sciences. We are making things dull and boring. While we should have classes that are required for placement in other classes we shouldn’t be forcing anything on these children. If they don’t want to go to class we shouldn’t force them to do so. However we should be rewarding children who go to classes, study, or just help out with the school.

Schools should receive more funds from the State than anything else. Schools should have the best technologies, best food, and provide a safe environment for anyone that needs it. Why can’t schools be run on renewable energy? Why can’t schools have the best available technologies? Why can’t schools grow all there own food? Why can’t students be rewarded for time well spent there?

These are all simple questions with one simple answer “They can”. The way schools are run are not only unfair to the students but unfair to the teachers, our education systems are stagnant, and underdeveloped and only we can change that.


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