How to Access Dark Web and Silk Road From Android Phone 2019.

How to Access Dark Web and Silk Road From Android Phone 2019.

So You Want to Access The Dark Web From Your Android Device!


Step 1: Download Orbot from Playstore.

First you’re going to need to download a app known as Orbot. Orbot is what connects you to the tor network. This allows you to be anonymous when using your cell phone. It is also the only way that you can connect to a .onion site with a android device. Once you have it downloaded you will need to start the app, and allow it to bootstrap connecting you to the tor network

 Download Orbot For Android…



Step 2: Download Tor Browser For Android.

Next you need to download the Tor Browser for Android. The tor browser is the implemented browser which lets you navigate through the .onion network. Without this you can not navigate through the ,onion network even though you’re connected to the Tor Network. 

Download Tor Browser For Android…


Step 3: Access Silk Road or Other Dark Market.

There are several dark markets, not any as infamous as Silk Road. Silk Road is the blue chip of dark market places. While the original was shutdown, and the original owner is currently serving time, it did not stop Silk Road from quickly coming back onto the scene. After you have your Tor Browser hooked up, and Orbot download all you need to do is type in the .onion site in the browser bar of Tor.
Silk Road UrlSilk Road 3.1, Must use Tor to Open!


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