Life is Pain.

Life is Pain.

We come out of darkness into the light screaming, struggling for breath. Some of us even perish the same way. There is no way to get around it life is a painful experience. It’s heartbreaking, heart wrenching, nauseating, and just plain painful. Of course that’s only part of this wonderful and amazing gift that we call life.

Pain is just our way of experiencing moments that are difficult to get through. However these are the moments that decide what we will become, and our the moments that many will remember us for. Sometimes it’s hard to do the right thing when you’re in pain, and you see a easy way out. However there are many times where it’s better to suffer through certain moments.

Pain is based heavily on perspective, what’s painful to one may be a walk in a park for another. Personality, perception, belief are all very powerful objects in our psyche, sometimes after enduring pain we change to better be able to cope with certain struggles in life. Eventually no matter who you are pain will knock you down to your knees, and then push your face to the floor.

When that happens what you do then, is what is going to determine where you are going to be in life. Some people may try to help you up if you’re lucky. You’re the only one who can stand though, and what you do when you get to your feet is all up too you. Who are you going to be when that happens?

Are you going to let pain control you?
Are you going to let anger destroy you?

Pain can build strength, it helps you see weakness in yourself and others. What you do with that vision is up too you. Are you going to use that knowledge to use peoples weaknesses against them? Or are you going to use it to help build up those that have been hurt.

This world needs more people willing to help those who need it. What is sad is those that are in power do not care. Empathy for them seems to have been striped away. Millions suffer everyday in pain, screaming for help, and things could be changed for the better. Things do not have to be how they are. We are the masters of this universe.

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