Never Give Up!

Never Give Up!

This world will throw you around!l

But never give up, people will call you every name in the book.never give up

People will make you feel like shit, will make you feel worthless.

You know what you do with that shit?

You pull into you, you take everything you’ve heard the bruises that you’ve earned, the ass beatings you’ve taken and you turn it into something beautiful.

There’s creatures inside all of us ones that belong to the light and the ones that belong to the dark. The dark ones that want nothing but to hurt the world they feed on this shit, you have to focus on the light though cause the light is the only thing that will get you through it’s the only thing that will bring us together as a people. Its the only thing that will keep your heart beating for something good in this world.

Some people can’t find their light anymore, they’ve forgotten how it feels and what things can be. Light is a serenity its a peace, it’s knowing everything will be okay, it’s that part of you that wants to love everyone. That accepts everyone for the mistakes they’ve made, because you know this world can’t be what we want it too be all the time.

Never give up on love, cause love will never give up on you!

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