New ISIS Military Training Video Released on Youtube.

New ISIS Military Training Video Released on Youtube.

(ISIS) Islamic State in Iraq and Syria , is the current terrorist group that the world has their focus on. ISIS represents the most heaviest brainwashed Muslims in the world, many of their soldiers are illiterate, but obedient and extremely violent and hostile.

Their attacks are primarily based on religion and race, the group is also known for heavy enforcement of Sharia Law and violence against Christians. This in itself breaks the Achtiname of Muhammad, which was a dictation from Muhammad to prevent any violence against Christians from Muslims and allows them to have there own laws while residing in Muslim territories.

Many Muslims in ISIS controlled areas that do not conform to their new rules (that are far worse then Sharia Law) or help support Christians, are terrorized and often killed. They often indoctrinate children and young teens into there ranks, with promise of wealth and power, or by threatening their family. Often times they are brainwashed by out of context versus of the Qur’an, and many times when asking too many questions are killed to set an example

Screenshot of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.pngISIS leaders consist of previous leaders of Saddam Husseins Iraqi Army, and Al-Queda. There are many of them with knowledge of advanced military procedures, they are heavily armed and dangerous. Their current agenda is to set up a Caliphate for their leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. There hoping to accomplish this through violence, propaganda, and fear attacks. ISIS is known for there heavy use of social media, and public beheading’s, crucifixions and the raping of many young girls in their territories. 

The CIA estimates that there are ~ 20,00 and 31,500 ISIS soldiers currently. They control very few areas in the Middle East but have gained many strategic points there. Including major Syrian oil field, al-Omar. It is the country’s largest oil field and can produce 75,000 barrels of oil daily. They estimate through oil sales, extortion, and smuggling they make about two million united states dollars a day. They have also taken many weapons from military zones, including tanks, missiles, and assault rifles.


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