Prison a Reality Tv Show

Prison a Reality Tv Show

Prison Violence!

We’ve all seen it in media, read about it in books, and many of us have even studied it. Prisons are ravaged by corrupt guards, and gangs. With many non-violent criminals being attacked and raped, and endlessly tortured.

There’s gambling, drugs, and many go into prison knowing less about crime then they do when they come out. It is almost like a crime dojo. 

So how can we stop it?

By turning Prisons into a Reality Tv Show!

Imagine every inch of our prisons being covered by microphones and cameras. Not only would this deter inmates and prison guards from acting inappropiately, but would also give psychologists the ability to learn more about criminal mentality.

Prisoners will then be incapable of smuggling in drugs, raping individuals, making weapons, and murder and violence will drop signigicantly. It will also stop crime rings that are supported by prison guards and help us learn how well are rehabilitation techniques are working.

With our new found knowlede we will better capable of rehabiliting prisoners, decreasing crime rates. We will learn more about how gangs work inside prisons and possibly even hear testimonials and reports from inmates about whats going on in their local communities.

This action would likely also ensure that less people will commit crimes, by giving our population a peek into the sad life of prison culture. It will also help us catch criminals still on the streets. And help us learn how one actually becomes a criminal.

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