Second Ebola Infection, Now Hits U.S.A.

Second Ebola Infection, Now Hits U.S.A.

News has come straight from Dallas that the original Ebola infection has now spread to second citizen. The contractor of the virus was a caretaker for Thomas Eric Duncan the first U.S. citizen to contract the Ebola Virus.

Although there were 19 caretakers for Thomas Eric Duncan only one is known to have contracted the virus. The CDC is now monitoring the other 18 for signs of Ebola twice daily, there movements are currently restricted. The infected individual is currently in quarantine.

Thomas Eric Duncan sadly died last Wednesday, 8/8/2014. The CDC is now investigating how the infection spread considering all workers were in full Hazmat suits.

The only thing known about the contractor of the virus is that she is female, currently she wishes for anonymity. This women lived in a East Dallas neighborhood. Her condition is currently listed as stable.

The neighborhood quickly received a visit from members of the Dallas Fire-Rescue Department, who arrived in Hazmat gear and cleaned all the common areas of her apartment complex twice. Although current news reports say they never entered her apartment or cleaned it, which means the area may still be contaminated.

The Ebola epidemic so far has killed more than 4,000 people in West Africa, with most in Liberia, Guinea, and Sierra Leone. In light of the current epidemic, airport security in many areas has currently been enhanced with federal Homeland Security agents screening all travelers from those nations.

There is also currently talk of suspending the 13,000 visas that will becoming out of West African Region.

Currently there is no cure for the Ebola virus, and in West Africa the Chance of Surving is ~ 60%



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