Starting to Lose My Faith in Humanity

Starting to Lose My Faith in Humanity

At one time I believed whole heartedly that the world could make things right. That people could come together for the greater good. Sometimes however, I start to doubt my beliefs. I start to wonder if we are just doomed to self destruct. Our civilization has become irrational and violent, and at times it seems as though without great loss we may never change. I hope this is not true however. 

Religion that’s based on falsehoods are taken as absolute truths. People kill each other just because the name of their god is different. People aren’t viewing each other as family but as enemies. Even the most peaceful of religions have zealots promoting the most malicious types of hatred available. 

We fight each other for no reason. Rather then helping each other, we kill and mane each other. Night after night people attack each other for money, power, and a whole world of unnecessary reasons. Gangs fight over turf, men beat their wives and children, moms spend money on rocks instead of food. Yet mouths stay shut and the rest of the world closes their eyes as the egotistical play god. 

We watch as the sick get sicker. As the hungry melt away into nothing. We expect it to never come back to us, but I tell you now, it will. It maybe in ways you never truly realize, but as long as we remain in this mindset that has established itself in our society, our world will never know peace. We will never truly be safe from ourselves. 

I’d ask when we became like this, but it seems as though this is the way it has always been. We let the poor die and kill each other, while the rich watch and use us as pawns. While many sit prideful, undeservingly so, none the wiser that lucifer is bathing in their glow. Unrealizing of the allegory of words that they have become the metaphor of the falling morning star. This is the light you all have brung to my eye. 

I hope one day we can all open our eyes to the light we have brung, so that we can all take a moment to look at become, and bow our heads in disgust and focus on the years to come. Cause maybe from that point we will realize our faults, and instead of fighting each other, we can fight the inner demons inside. Maybe then we can become a society that’s whole, that believes in each other, that fights not for a prize, not for pride, and not with our hands. But with our Minds, for peace, prosperity, knowledge, and the life that we all deserve.

I’m still waiting for that day, and praying that my faith in humanity is not in vain. 

I know that love is here, and hopefully we’ll let it take us there. 

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