What is Project 64?

Project 64 is a Nintendo 64 emulator, which is used to play N64 ROMs. It is one of the most popular Nintendo 64 emulators out there. Online you can find just about any games ROM, however unless copying data from a game that you own with your own N64 ROM copier, it is illegal to do so. Project can even be used to program controllers to play N64 games. If you want to learn how to copy your N64 game  



How many games were released for Nintendo 64?

There were officially 387 games released for the Nintendo 64. Many of these games were only released in certain countries, 84 are region-locked to Japan, 50 to North America, and 4 to Europe. Many of the games for the Nintendo 64 have skyrocketed in price due to their rarity. While used games haven’t depreciated, new games that were originally around 30-50$ are now in the hundreds.

Where to Buy N64 Controllers for the Computer.

How to Play N64 Games On the Computer.