Microsoft Speech Recognition Software Honest Review. Windows 2019

Why I Decided to Try Speech Recgonition Software. I decided to try and use speech recognition software because I wanted to increase my productivity. So I decided to make a review video of one of my first times using Microsoft speech-to-text software. Now you would think that with Microsoft being the largest computer company in…

Benefits of Speech Recognition Software for Content Creation.

There are many benefits to using speech to text. Sometimes you just don’t feel like typing. Other times you may not be able to type. there are many circumstances in life where typing could be more difficult than just speaking. How it can help the average person. Many people are not that good at typing….

Solar Panel Facts

Solar panel energy is renewable. Solar panels are easy to implement in just about any location. If you invest in enough solar panels, you can have free electricity, and even make money from the electricity that you produce.

What are Solar Panels?

Solar Panels are devices used to convert solar energy into electric energy. These devices are useful because they’re easy to develop and they can be easily implemented anywhere. The energy from these devices are also renewable. Many countries around the world are trying to convert over to renewable energy such as solar panels. The use…

Technology Computer When was the first computer built? What is the most advanced computer?  

Who is the NSA watching?

What is the NSA supposed to do? The NSA (National Security Agency) has been said to be watching terrorists. Their job is supposed to collect intelligence to protect homeland security. Yet there not just watching terrorists, but domestic domiciles as well. They are the largest known intelligence agency in the world, and have collected intelligence…