The Addiction of Society.

The Addiction of Society.

We’re all addicted, in one way or another. It is something that we live with inside of us. Something that we fight against daily. I myself have many addictions, i’ve both fought and fell to them. Occassionally I feed them, to quell the thirsts of my desires. Yet In time I am always thirsty again. There are many addictions out there, sex, money, power, drugs, love, truly too many to make a comprehensible list. We all seem to lust for something in this life.

Desire is not something to be ashamed of, it is the aim of these desires that contribute to wretchedness. Desire in itself is the drive that builds us up and has us reach for more in life. It is the feeling that tells us to eat, breathe, and move through out life. It’s what brings people together and tears us apart.

In this digital age for some everything seems to be at our finger tips. A virtual reality that entrances and ensnares us. We’ve built compounds to make us feel love and warmth that we’ve dulled ourselves too. It feels as simple as a needle in the arm. These powers can bring one to their knees make them do things that they never thought they would have done before.

Sometimes we fall into these holes of despair that addiction brings us too, where there seems as if there is no escape, and no light to be found. It’s in these places where humans turn into beasts, and other’s into saints. It’s a place of sheer coldness, where the mind feels numb. It’s there where many have to choose the direction that their desire will take them, where they must decide the idols that they worship. Some will look within finding something ethereal within themselves, slowly they will begin to see it in the world around them, light will return.

Others however look outward before ever looking in, finding comfort in the materialism of the world. Always wanting more and never being satisfied. It is this line between looking with in our souls and others, and the materialism of the world that many of us dance between through out our life’s. Some how ever fall only into one side or the other. These extremes build all different types of people from monks to serial killers and many in-between.

However I see many still in the hole, numb from their desires. Sometimes it’s easier not too feel either way this leads to unproductive, lethargic behavior. They normally pretend to be okay but you can hear screams from their souls hoping for more. Many give up in this world due to this, and other various reasons. Some wish to warm their cold hearts will go to anything to do so.

It’s a sad but beautiful world that we live in. This same addiction to desire that consumes and controls us, that can destroy us at a moments notice, is what makes us hold on to the beautiful things in the world, and fight for them. This addiction makes us search out for love, it’s what makes us feel with our whole heart.

Watching a world trying to inject love, snort happiness, and pop numbness, it makes me feel sad that we can’t find what we need with in ourselves. Yet I know how you all feel.

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