Tired of Hunger Pains

Tired of Hunger Pains

Do you get tired of constant hunger pains?

I know I do!

The constant feeling of hunger is debilitating, and the need to eat constantly becomes a annoyance, and a truly painful experience. Many days I may just not have enough food or money to eat, while other times I will just not wish to cook. I know for me it’s very hard to find something to eat being gluten intolerant and sensitive to most grain products.

This takes out a whole giant food group, which leaves me missing oatmeal, fried foods, any type of bread, donuts, and barrage of other delicious foods. Yet most these foods aren’t that good for you in the first place but can be very filling for a few hours. Of course with most these foods with such a high amount of carbs you become hungry again very quickly.

That’s why having fruits and vegetables in high quantities can be very helpful in easing hunger pains due to an increase of fiber, nutritional content, and increase in complex carbohydrates. Some of my favorites include sweet potatoes, normal potatoes, bananas, celery and peanut butter, avocados, olives, spinach, legumes and variety of other foods.

Of course you can’t forget about your protein as well which will help your body recover from exercise and other stress. One of the best sources of protein is salmon due to it’s high omega 3’s that will decrease your bodies inflammation(one of the major sources of disease). Yet it’s also fun to eat poultry, and the ever delicious steak.

It’s important every now and then to take a break from animal products for a a day or two a week. When you do you normally get a chance to carbo load and protein cycle. This makes your body more capable of providing needed muscles with protein through out the week. However after carbo loading you may feel a high amount of hunger afterwards. It’s also important when carbo loading to exercise and deplete your body of extra glycogen.

An increase in cardiovascular activity such as aerobic exercise is also an excellent way to nullify hunger pains. The increase in endorphins stops your body from being hungry. This effect can last all the way through out the day. The important part is too remember to refill your body during this time. However once you take a break from the increase in cardio you will once again be ravaged by hunger, as your body sees this downtime as an important moment to take in as many calories as possible.

This phenomenon may be related to how animals have evolved as a species. When working hard we were once normally searching for, or growing foods. Once we had enough food however is when we would have celebrations and feasts. Biologically this became a moment for us to gorge ourselves before the coming frost, and to replenish our muscles from the previous harvests.

So if you want to take anything from this to help diminish hunger pains eat a diet rich in carbs, fats, and protein. Try to load your body with different foods everyday. And practicing just short durations of cardio 30 minutes a day may help.

Also you can use protein shakes, with fruit or oatmeal inbetween meals, I suggest hemp seed, or pea protein supplements.

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