Tripping Balls on Benadryl, Who Knew?

Tripping Balls on Benadryl, Who Knew?

Tripping on Benadryl Allergy Medicine.

Benadryl better known as Diphenhydramine is one hell of a drug. It’s effect are like that of Datura and other first generation anti-histamines that pass the BBB. Being high on Benadryl is very much like being in psychosis or in a schizophrenic state. If you take enough you will be tripping balls, but not like LSD or any traditional tryptamine or phenalymine type of trip with a bunch of fun swirling colors, optical illusions and some hallucinations in your mind’s eye. Nope not at all this is a “What The Fuck is Going on am I Losing My Mind?” type of drug.

What Happens When You Trip On Benadryl?

See when you take a bunch anti-histamines that pass the BBB such as Diphenhydramine, Hyoscamine, Tropamine, Scoplamine, or Atropine the first thing you will notice is a serious case of dry mouth(especially with Datura) I mean it’s a horrible your mouth is dry as a desert feeling. Then a not so casual couch lock and nausea will begin to take place, and this is normally around the time your mind will slowly dissolve. First shadows will begin to move and you will constantly feel as though something is in the corner of your eye. Yet nothing is ever there!

But then things start to get a little crazy as the walls start to breathe and you swear there are things everywhere just slightly out place. You will start to hear voices that weren’t originally there and double voices in your stimulus’s. Pretty much it starts to feel like your losing your mind. This is when shadows begin turning into objects and running around your room and you have no idea what’s going on but you hope these creatures are friendly. As your mind wanders your memory becomes absent at times during your hallucinations you forget you’ve even taking a drug memories feel like past forgotten dreams, and attempts to make sense of your current situations fail.

By this time reading has become impossible and your mind completely gone, at this point your probably talking to people that only exist in your mind. Anyly  outside observer would think that you’ve lost your mind, which indeed by now your probably lost trying to find it. The most common hallucinations of this drug are seeing spiders and insects everywhere; sometimes giant ones, and people that you know will randomly come over but are actually just in your mind. However there are many that will see much more intricate things such as devils, demons, and angels.

Controlling a trip like this is harder then controlling a dream and become very negative, very quickly. Anti-histamines have a long history of use by lunatics such as Charles Manson, and his cult. Some who take antihistamine drugs may do so for shamanic ceremonies in the belief they may meet their ancestors. However there is probably many accounts in its use in satanic rituals as well.

The sure insanity of this drug is responsible for many losing their minds. Often times even moderate consumption of this drug can bring about psychosis in the user. Many seeking it for recreational use have wound up in hospitals and mental wards. This drug may however be safer then many other antihistamines for recreational use due to it’s short duration and lower toxicity. However its use is still INCREDIBLY DANGEROUS

Side Effects Of Tripping on Benadryl

The side effects of these drugs linger long after use, and long term inappropriate use may lead to psychosis, schizophrenia, alzheimers and many other mental illnesses. It is common after use to have poor vision persisting for a few days. This is followed by slight visual disturbances and a constant what the fuck was that in the corner of my eye feeling. However most these effects are temporary, but the use of said drug can permanently affect the brain.

If ever choosing to actually take this drug recreationally be safe in doing so, and remember while under the drugs influence you will not be able to discern hallucinations from reality. Because of this effect it is possible you may become a very SERIOUS DANGER to yourself or others.

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