What are FEMA Camps?

What are FEMA Camps?

FEMA camps have become a very popular discussion with in conspiracy theory communities for the past few decades. This is because during the Iran Contra trials the REX 84 plan had begun to leak out to the general public. The REX 84 plan was a classified scenario and drill that essentially turned the United States into a police state. It put the entire United States under martial law and gave power of the states, and local police to Army Generals if the President ordered a State of Emergency.

This plan was put in place in case there was ever a civil uprising or if a vast majority of the population began to disagree with the Government. Or in the case of a possible invasion. This and similar plans are often refereed to as continuance of governance plans. This plan also involves rounding up, detaining, and executing American citizens that were viewed as a threat.

While this is all real over the years many have begun to speculate that there may be another plan in place.  Many now believe the real idea of the REX 84 plan and it’s current classified successors, is to round up citizens for extermination for population control in the upcoming decades. Normally this theory also involves biological weapons or some other reason for the United States to issue a State of Emergency. It also normally states some reason for the social elite to wish to destroy the population, and how they have been planning this for centuries.

Now how this all ties into FEMA is interesting, FEMA is known as the Federal Emergency Management Association, they were built in case of extreme events, such as pandemics, hurricanes, earthquakes, and a variety of other extreme events. While FEMA used to be it’s own organization in 2003 it became a part of Homeland Security, and is now run by American Generals. Many who have worked for FEMA state that they are trying to build concentration camps.

If you look at the organization of FEMA camps you’ll realize that they have established means to provide border control quickly with roll out fences and other technologies. While there are many camps set up around the country many will be made almost overnight in case of a State of Emergency. They will more then likely be close to transportation services such as airports, train stations, bus stations, or major highways.

Widespread FEMA camps will more then likely only be activated if there is biological warfare, a pandemic, if Yellowstone erupts, after a nuclear war, or a similar type of disaster with a widespread impact. During these times it is possible that the REX 84 plan or another continuance of governance plan will be activated. Many of the camps will probably provide rations, have running water, electricity, medicine, and housing needs for the homeless.

The government may begin to acquire peoples personal belongings and residencies, people that choose to fight back may be executed. It would be hard to believe that there would not be militant groups that would be in opposition, and civil war may pursue for many years. While the first militant groups will be unorganized, extremely violent, and will not stand for much they will evolve. The group will eventually consist of a large number of hackers and ex-military, that will try to establish democratic order once again. Eventually both sides will more then likely merge after military rule is abolished and given back to a representative democracy, but the number of lost individuals will be large.


The timescale of the camps will determine a myriad of factors. Depending on the disaster and the pursuing casualties these camps may become the new communities as we rebuild society. Communication between the world will never truly be lost, but access to the information may become scarce depending on the situation. Many of these communities may starve to death and be led by mentally ill and disgusting individuals, criminal activities may plague some of these camps. Others however may flourish, it will mostly be dependent on the leadership and the intelligence of the communities.

While most of this is speculation, unless sustainability is reached for at least 25% of the population before such a disastrous event occurs, something such as this or similar will occur. The ability to stay sustainable after such events will also be paramount. Our best bet right now is to elect representatives to help ratify a new contingency plan that will still revolve around democracy and provide us with freedom. We should also be working on programs to help train members of our communities and educate our children about what to expect in case of such events.

There are many other events that will transpire in case such events occur with in this decade, but many will be dependent upon the disaster, and leadership of the states of the world. World Powers will be forged and many states cultures may merge. Around the world cultures may disintegrate or worsen. Communities may rival against each other for resources, and freedoms may be extinguished. Foresight into these events can only provide a myriad of probable outcomes under certain conditions, anything is liable for change, every single factor shapes the future.

If we remain democratic through the whole ordeal, if such disaster occurs, we will see far less militant groups. We will have better insights into the communities, and their ability to prosper and reestablish society will greatly be enhanced. I believe we should begin focusing on these centers and establishing democratic solutions now. These communities should be built around sustainable energy and agricultural development. This will decrease the chances of malnutrition, and lack of energy sources in any event.

We could easily use are already established democratic positions for leadership, but we need to come up with new ideas to keep intact an ability to re-elect officials in case of disaster. We should be reinforcing our technological infrastructures from natural, and man made disasters. This will help keep educational systems working, and our ability to communicate between communities intact. The development of these technologies by governing bodies will help decrease the cost of production of these various technologies.

By decreasing the costs of the technologies and streamlining the production of such, the general population will also be better capable of providing for themselves, if such situations ever occur. If we ever reach that point before disasters occur, we will have no need for the camps at all. While our life’s will be forever changed from such events, if the general population reaches sustainability life will be less erratic, cumbersome, and dangerous. This is the ideal situation, yet the possibility that we will reach such advancements before our next worldwide disaster is nearly impossible to determine.

Hopefully it will be a at least a few more centuries before nature or our own folly shows it’s true devastating power, but the clock is ticking, and none of us know what time it will strike.

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