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The Free World is a social network dedicated to setting up commune centers around the world that provide free health care, food and water, shelter, renewable energy, education, and internet access.

The Free World also strives to establish technologies and internet standards that will help society, and intellectual advancement. We also look to fund technologies that will establish stable infrastructures, in energy, transport, academic, medical, production, and democratic systems.

The Free World believes that the middle class is being restricted by the wealthiest 1% and that we need to redistribute wealth in society. By increasing the minimum wage and taxes on the wealthy we will be able to allocate more resources to the people that need them. These funds should be used responsibly to increase peace efforts on domestic and foreign land, increase the production of renewable energy resources, to develop academic institutions and provide finances to the advancement of scientific studies and archaeological expeditions.

The Free World believes that we need to establish new democracies that take advantage of the technologies of the 21st century, and allow for voting in real time for representatives of our governments to decrease lobbying. We believe we should have an instantaneous ability to veto legislation, impeach officers, and elect new officials to office. By doing so we will be able to remove corrupt, or incapable politicians at any moment, and will be more capable of allocating resources to where they’re most needed.

The Free World believes that the Executive systems around the world have become increasingly too powerful and reckless, and the only way to decrease such increases is by increasing monitoring of officers. Officers of nations should be required to wear surveillance equipment for their safety and the safety of the public. We also believe that conscription fuels war and that no aid should be given to any country that has such policies in place.

The Free World believes that the Judicial system has become heavily flawed, and that the system in place is more centered around imprisoning then rehabilitating. We believe that government has become too economically dependent on over-punishing nonviolent drug users. We believe many substances should be legalized, and those not showing self control should be provided access to rehabilitation centers, rather then imprisonment. Violent criminals, and those committing fraud, or larceny should be forced into re-education programs until there ready to be released back into the general public. Any violent criminal that shows no sign of being capable of rehabilitation that is voted for death, should be humanely executed in a timely fashion.

The Free World believes in a more peaceful alternative to most of the world’s problems, we believe that a lack communication, stereotyping, discrimination, economic inequalities, and brainwashing are the source of most problems. We do not believe violence and hostility will solve the problems of today, but do believe in protecting of one’s self. Rather then fighting violence with violence in foreign nations, we should promote peace. Instead of shooting soldiers we should be feeding children, we should be leading by example. We should provide transportation and resources to those in violent areas so they may prosper in peaceful lands. However we should have the ability to bear arms to protect peaceful lands from violent militias.

The Free World believes that all borders, states, and patriotism further divide the human race, and promote violence and hatred towards others, and increases economic instability. We believe that we shouldn’t be thinking in terms of one belonging to one’s birth state, but belonging to the human society as a whole and as a individual. Eliminating borders will redistribute wealth and increase cultural diversity expediting the exchange of information and intellectual growth of our species.

The Free World believes that the overuse of copyrights has become harmful to society, and that it is severely hindering the growth of our society. Copyrights stop the flow of information increasing the costs of education and increasing production costs of technologies that can bring structure and peace to society.

The Free World believes that schools should double as recreational centers, and should be open 24/7. They should also allow the free housing of minors, by doing so we will open up opportunities that were once impossible. Of course this would have to come with certain guidelines and monitoring but would keep minors out of dangerous situations. Schools should produce their own food, and energy, and should be run by a system of students, teachers, and parents in a more streamlined fashion then our average PTSA. Schools should also be more integrated with technological advancements, and production industries, so we can be more capable of deploying new technologies. By doing we will have more productive industries and students.

As time goes by our society is going to need to work less, because computer automation of production centers will make most labor obsolete, we should work towards this. How we accept our future and build from this point on is going to determine our future as a society, and as a species. While we will have to work less, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t push for more, and if things ever become automated we shouldn’t allow ourselves to become lazy and unproductive. We should push ourselves through the future, always looking forward, and never forgetting our past, as a whole, and as a individual.

The Free World, We Believe in Peace.

The Free World, We Believe in Truth.

The Free World, We Believe in Free Education For All People.

The Free World, We Believe in Freedom For Every Human.

The Free World, We Believe in Feeding the Hungry and Healing The Sick

The Free World, We Believe in Protecting the Innocent

The Free World, We Believe in The People.

The Free World, We Believe in You!


Joshua Daniel Stewart

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