What's It Like to be Homeless?

What's It Like to be Homeless?

Homelessness is a worldwide problem. While the estimate by the United Nations in 2005 says that there are approximately 100 million homeless in the world, that number is more then likely grossly underestimated. Of course these numbers do not include those living in homes that are living in substandard living conditions, such as abandoned building, tents, or vehicles.

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In the U.S. alone a developed nation that holds less then 10% of the population, there are ~ 600,000 homeless at one given time, according to  a figure from 2012 made by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Many people go to bed at night not knowing where they are going to sleep the next night, and many times not knowing when the next time they are going to get to eat.

There are many reasons why someone may become homeless, including, poor urban planning, financial difficulties, drug addiction, and mental illness.

Often times those released after committing a felony are incapable of finding a job where they can support themselves and their families.

Often times these individuals have no where to turn, sometimes will begin committing crimes, while other nonviolent homeless people will often group together in the woods, under bridges and a variety of other places setting up their own communities. Often times they will live in tents, vehicles and abandoned buildings.

Many of them do not have access to health care, thankfully there are many individuals that are willing to help these people. If you are stuck in a situation please visit a Homeless Mission Center.

You can find a homeless centers here Homeless Shelter Directory, and you can help us build up our directory in our Find Homeless Centers section.


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