When will Cannabis finally be Legalized?

When will Cannabis finally be Legalized?

Who knows?

Maybe when the whole world get’s it’s head out of it’s ass. It’s very clearly less damaging then most legal drugs, has soo many uses in industry it’s retarded, and is even a super food.

But of course since we can get “high” on it, it’s considered a danger too society. The danger is that it will challenge the status quo. It’s not like the whole world isn’t getting high right now anyway. I mean shit almost every single comedy we put out there’s someone smoking a blunt, or hitting a bowl. Everyone raised in this generation pretty much want’s it legal look at 99% of all forums and posts about marijuana, it’s a bunch of people talking about how they want it legal and then one right wing conservative bitching about how it will destroy the fabric of our society.

Well thanks bitch tits for bringing the rest of us down even though you don’t have one logical leg to fucking stand on. It doesn’t matter that your dumbass is addicted to lexapro, zoloft, wellbutrin, xanax, and hydrocodone and, whatever nacrotic cocktail you shove down your throat, you can’t stand anyone being happy in a different way then your dumbass.

It clearly doesn’t matter to people that the justice system uses cannabis to fuck everyone over by giving them grossly over priced tickets, making them go through probation, and pretty much just fucking them in the ass with fines all god damn day.

And O of course it doesn’t make any sense legalizing it even though it creates jobs, makes safer products, can help us clean the environment, keeps people out of prisons, helps generate new income for education, and renewable energy transportations.

I mean for real though it’s are own fault as a world for being little fucking assholes. The same reason that cannabis isn’t legal, is the same reason that Africa is starving and fucking dying from ebola. It’s cause were all little shits sucking at the power tit, and don’t do a fucking thing for no one unless we think were going to get something out of it.

If you want to discuss your cannabis trip reports go, when it’s going to be legal, or just random shit about cannabis go to this group if not Idgaf gfoad(Go fuck of and die!)

Peace Bitches!

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