Which Country Has The Most Electric Cars?

Which Country Has The Most Electric Cars?

And the award goes to :


With 15% of all car sales going to Electric Vehicles!

Congratulations to them for going the distance and becoming one of the most environmentally friendly countries around. They didn’t get there by accident however; Norway has given huge advantages to electric car owners, letting them use bus lanes, giving them free parking, ferry rides, and even free charging at municipal stations. This all in all goes a long way when Norwegians are paying roughly $9 dollars a gallon for gas.

Jump in Electric Car Sales

The jump in electric car sales came mighty quickly in Norway which saw its sales increase from 302 percent, from 2,373 in the first half of 2013 to 9,550 in 2014, with the majority of electric car sales going to the the Nissan LEAF followed by the Telsa Model S. This may be due to the fact that Telsa Motors took a interest in the country in 2013 where they built their first Supercharger fast-charge stations outside the U.S.

They now estimate that 90% of Norwegians live with in 200 miles of a Super Charger station. Which is fantastic considering the Telsa Model S can get ~ 300 miles on a single charge. However most daily travelers rarely travel over 60 miles a day which makes the Nissan LEAF equally as acceptable with its ~100 mile range.

Even though the jump in car sales may have come quickly it is of no surprise that they are at the fore front of this environmental battle. Norway has always been a supporter of environmentally friendly technology and sustainable energy practices. It is well known that much of their energy 98% is actually produced domestically with the majority coming from their own hydrofarms.

Rest of The World

Hopefully the rest of world will soon join in on the bandwagon. If Norway can do it with it’s long mountain ranges and cold climates, it should be no problem for Urban warriors. Maybe soon some country may try to be the new holder of the country with the most electric cars.

But we can still be happy that for the first time ever, there’s five markets where the purchasing of electric vehicles has reached above 1% here they are:
1. Norway – 14,49%
2. Netherlands – 4,58%
3. Iceland – 2,20%
4. Sweden – 1,52%
5. Estonia – 1,05%



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