Who is the NSA watching?

Who is the NSA watching?

Who is the nsa watching

What is the NSA supposed to do?

The NSA (National Security Agency) has been said to be watching terrorists. Their job is supposed to collect intelligence to protect homeland security. Yet there not just watching terrorists, but domestic domiciles as well. They are the largest known intelligence agency in the world, and have collected intelligence from every major telecommunications company on Earth..  

How the NSA operates?

The NSA  monitor the activities of terrorist organizations, and everyday citizens through a series of different protocols. Some information comes for direct hook ups to ISPs and telecom operators. Other information comes from using various apps to monitor searching habits, as well as information. Edward Snowden even came out to say that thy have the capabilities to turn on our phones microphones and cameras, even when the phone is supposed to be off.

Recent Years.

Which in recent years has many people questioning whether or not the NSA is operating in a way that is beneficial to the United States government.  This should come as no surprise, even before the Patriots Act was enacted these activities were being done. It’s only now after Edward Snowden admitted what they were doing that it has become a media sensation. Yet many people already knew this was taking place before hand.

Are they Watching You?

To be honest the NSA probably has recorded data on you, me, and everyone else with any digital media device. There will always be some place in some database that has all your data, every phone call, every text message, every search, every movie you’ve watched and for some possibly the entirety of your hard drive. Not only that but video footage of you from satellites, webcams, information on keystrokes, mp3’s transmitted from your cellphone, and various other forms of tracking.

It’s not that huge of a deal for most because while they have your data somewhere someplace, they only access it based on certain criteria, and more then likely they don’t care what your doing. Most of your data just goes through various computer programs determining threat levels and deciding if you should be watched. And it’s really only a fraction of data that is accessed by the NSA, the rest lies tracked on super computers belonging to various government subsidies.

What they honestly do with all the data is anyone’s guess.

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