Why Everyone Should Grow Mushrooms.

Why Everyone Should Grow Mushrooms.

Mushrooms in the western world are far from a stable food. In a typical market you may find a small variety of mushroom species. This is sad because there are numerous species of mushrooms throughout the world. Each one of these species holds distinct qualities, with abilities to increase memory, shrink tumors, improve circulation, and so much more. Yet by many they’re rarely consumed.

Mushrooms are filling, hydrating, and massively nutritional. Science is just now making sense of their wondrous abilities, that different cultures around the world have known for millenniums. We are now more capable then ever to grow mushrooms. Never before have we had conditions like this. This is due to our ability to sterilize equipment, substrates, and our atmosphere.

They are not only enormously nutritious they are also easy to grow. Many types of species of mushrooms can also be grown from recycled materials. The start up cost is also minimal and can last for years. The hardest part about growing mushrooms is the learning curve. However there are many of starter kits available for beginners.

While growing and reproducing your own mushrooms, and substrates is the most cost efficient method. Beginner kits may be appropriate for many to get started. Once you have all your equipment to produce sustainable yields of mushrooms, you’ll be paying a fraction of the cost compared to buying them from a third party.

The hardest part that most novices will face is maintaining a sterile environment with the proper atmosphere. Most of this will come with being able to get proper equipment and practice. There are a lot of learning curves when you want to grow multiple varieties of mushrooms. Each type of mushroom grows better in certain temperatures, and substrates.

A great starter species is Oyster mushrooms they’re quick to grow, and can grow on a variety of substrates. They’re known to grow from old newspapers, coffee grounds, and even leafs. They were even developed in Germany as a easy to grow source of nutrition. Another benefit is that the mycelium is very hardy, and resistant to contamination. It’s a perfect mushroom to begin cultivating and practicing mycology.

While many will have a hard time at first, some may click into the hobby very fast. This is especially true for those who have already developed a green thumb. Those that are good at following directions and procedures will also do very well. The main part about getting good at growing mushrooms is following directions and learning as much as you can about mycology before experimenting.

The major reason to grow mushrooms is that they are a healthy food that are easy to grow once you learn the proper way to do so. While many people focus on just normal gardening, they’re missing a major component that can be added to their diet. They are also missing out on an easy to grow food that has multiple benefits to the mind and body.

With the proper equipment much of the production process can be automated. This automation lets you produce food with minimal effort. This helps decrease the cost of food per month for the rest of your life. This food that you grow is all organic, and healthy. While taking the time to learn, and get your first yields may be labor-some it will be worth the effort in time.

In industry the growth of mushrooms can be used to decrease our environmental footprint. They’re are many species of mushrooms that can grow on and consume different forms of human waste. It has been shown that there are different mushrooms that can grow on plastic, oil and other trash. This is extremely beneficial in case of oil spills and was even a hypothetical solution to the BP oil spill although it was never used.

We are currently only scratching the surface of benefits of the growth of the mycology industry. Over the next upcoming decades we will find many new compounds in mushrooms that will be developed into new medicines. These medicines will safe many peoples life’s and prolong many others. This will begin with the increase of production of mushrooms in the world as amatuer mycologists develop into professionals, and trials are commenced in medical, and chemical labs around the world.

Once more amatuer mycologists begin to grow and experiment with their mushrooms, new species and varieties will be made, that will be more versatile and nutritional. Sustainable farming will take leaps and bounds, as mushroom farming begins to develop.With these developments we will be able to feed more people, provide better nutrition to everyone, and decrease environmental problems around the world.


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